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9 Reasons You Should Never be too Prideful to Apologize

Pride has the ability to ruin even the strongest of bonds, the things we consider to be most sacred, and ultimately can result in the biggest spiraling downfall of our lives, if we allow it. It often is merely a coping mechanism used for a much larger internal issue, but while managing issues of our own having the ability to still be able to comprehend others do as well is a good skill to have. It is this skill of maintaining our humility that opens the door for a heightened level of expression – a place where even admittance of our faults comes with ease.

Without proper maintenance of the ego we become so self-absorbed and preoccupied with our own feelings, and emotions, that we completely disregard the likes of those around us. It is this attitude that not only only has the ability to trigger negative emotions within others, but only further deters our belief in others as a society.

We have a responsibility as adults to be able to recognize our own wrongdoings, own up to them, and at least make attempt to begin the healing process. Imagine how much of a difference we could make if we took a step back from situations and looked at them from multiple perspectives, if we set our pride aside and acknowledged when something we have enacted (even if not intentional), impacted someone else negatively.

Much in the way it takes one act of selfishness to begin a chain of negative reactions, it takes one act of selflessness begin a chain of positive reactions. Take the time to consider, and learn, of why it effected them in that matter.

It is this voice of reason that promotes not only our growth as individuals but our growth as a society – it is the foundation of the reason you should never be too prideful to apologize.

Our Time Here is Far too Short

We’re not guaranteed tomorrow by any means. With lack of communication between parties that have had a negative interaction comes the festering of negative emotions on both sides more often than not. Life is far too short, to be focused on ill feelings. Communicate and resolve the issue long before it gets to that point.

Free Yourself

It is when we allow such feelings to fester that we give others power over us. Apologizing on your behalf, and forgiveness of the other party, will free both from that negative energy.

You Never Know What Someone Else May Be Going Through

On multiple occasions we have seen incidents in which people from all backgrounds, all ages, all walks of life that have been silently carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders found it to become far too much to take on when introduced to one more negative implication. Consider this analogy, when stacking library books as high as possible, it often only takes the placement of one more in addition to all of the others that causes the stack of books to collapse. In effort to not be any of those books, we all need to take the time to communicate, understand one another, and apologize when ill feelings arise.

It Begins the Process of Healing

Offering a true apology further opens the door to the process of healing. Depending on what took place this can be a long and tumultuous process for the person impacted by what you have done. The least you can do is offer assistance.

It Builds Trust

Being able to apologize shows maturity and growth. When an individual sees that you are able to own up for your wrong doings it often opens the door to a trust that may not have been there prior. People often feel more at ease – more able to express themselves and openly communicate with you.

You May Never Get the Chance to Again

Delaying the apology may leave you empty handed. While there are those that forgive and forget, don’t expect anyone to idly lie in wait of your apology. There are some that will simply move on, that will be too far out of your reach by the time you come to your senses.

It Has the Ability to Alter Ones Perception

Being able to apologize for our actions, showing that you are willing to put aside your pride and communicate with someone to acquire a better understanding of the situation in it’s entirety has the ability to alter a persons outlook on people as a whole. We live in a society in which the status-quo is “trust no one,” we automatically assume everyone has bad intentions. Showing that we genuinely care, and respect each others emotions, can slowly but surely change that frame of mind in due time societally.


There Could Simply Be a Misunderstanding

More often than not, after communicating what exactly went wrong with a situation you will find it was due to miscommunication or lack of understanding. Apologizing, having a conversation pertaining to where exactly things went wrong, can quickly clear this up and all parties can resolve the issue.


It Encourages Expression

Apologies encourage people to express and consider what bothers them, what they could have done better, and if becoming upset was for a rational reason. It not only encourages expression between the parties currently at odds, but has the ability to encourage resolving matters in other areas and times throughout life in general.



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