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9 Reasons It’s Okay To Get Hyped For New York Fashion Week a Month Early

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Street Style

New York street style is already unique and cool from the everyday New Yorkers. However, when you combine the popular city’s style with a bunch of off duty models, bloggers, fashion editors, and celebrities, the average NY street style outfits become 100 times better.


Celebs will be flooding into New York for all the fashion shows. There is now a possibility that you could bump into your favorite one somewhere other than your dreams.

Front Row Lineups

Sadly, designers don’t want the average looking New Yorkers sitting front row at their fashion shows. Although, looking on the more positive side, that means the front rows at fashion shows are filled with famous hot people sitting next to eachother.


On and off the runway, NYFW is the main time for models and those aspiring to be a model. Let’s not forget of the new faces, models whose this year’s NYFW will be the first time on the runway.


Not many people think about this when thinking of New York Fashion Week, but at a lot of the shows, if they don’t have live performers during the runway, have sick soundtracks for the models to strut to. Listen to Alexander Wang’s setlist from last year if you want an idea.


This is a given, the designer clothes in the fashion shows usually get better every year. Even though the everyday person can’t afford an outfit let alone a piece from an outfit that will be debuted this Fall, they’re still nice to look at.

New Trends

Whether it is from the street style or the runway there will be countless new trends seen in the city, so start saying goodbye to last years trends.

New Clothing Inspo

Of course when there are new trends, you have to have them, well at least the wearable ones. The original pieces are probably out of our price range, but it costs nothing to get inspiration from the looks on the runway and recreate them with more affordable items.

Givenchy Show Is Going To Be In New York

The mega fashion house is now going to have the Spring 2016 read-to-wear show in New York instead of Paris this year. Sucks to suck Paris, even Givenchy knows that New York is where it’s at.

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