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9 Reasons People Don’t Really Deserve a Second Chance

Second chances. It’s always debated whether or not people should be given a second chance. There are times where there should be a second chance given. We are human, we are messy and sometimes we make mistakes.

However, the truth is the person that did you wrong will most likely do it again. If someone feels like you will give them an infinite amount of chances, then they will most likely try to use up all those chances. Sometimes people just suck.

You will look stupid

If someone cheats on you or stabs you in the back and everyone knows about it, they are most likely going to judge you for it. Now you probably shouldn’t care about what other people think or say about you, but it will most likely get to you and make you insecure. Once you are insecure you are never going to trust the other person again, do you really need that heartache in your life?

People usually don’t change

Seriously. Once a person fucks you over, they will probably do it again. People change when they want to change, you shouldn’t be the one that is left heartbroken both times. It’s not fair to you or your heart.

They are a liar

People that mess up usually know how to say the right things or do the right things in order to get you back. Guess what? It’s an act. They might love you, but if they truly loved and valued you, they wouldn’t have lied to you and made you so bad.

They are a cheater

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Not always the case, sometimes people grow up but do you really want to sit there waiting for them to do that? What if they leave you for someone else? You might love this person but if they don’t love you enough to respect you then they aren’t worth it.

Aren’t mature enough

Sometimes people just aren’t mature enough to handle a relationship. You can’t have a friendship or relationship with someone when they don’t value the person you are. If they are selfish and always choose themselves over you, they will probably never change or if they do it will be after the third or fourth chance, not worth it.

They will most likely let you down again

Do you really want to do all of that waiting around for someone to realize you are worth it? What if you give them a second chance and they let you down again? It’s going to make you feel that you made a bad choice and you are dumb, don’t give them that power.

They will feel like they can walk all over you

Sometimes when you give people multiple chances, they feel like they have the ability to walk all over you. You shouldn’t let someone destroy your life and your happiness when you clearly don’t mean that much to them.

They can ruin you

If you are so kind and caring and give someone a second chance, then you can turn into a cold person after they break your trust for the second time. If they break your trust once, it’s enough to know that they don’t deserve you. Don’t let them break that light in you.

They aren’t worth it

Most of the time they aren’t worth that second chance. You can usually trust your friends, families, and your intuition. If you feel like they are capable of doing you wrong again, then don’t give them the chance. You are worth more than that and there are better people out there in the world.

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