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9 Reasons Having Sex with Someone New is the Best Rebound

Sometimes while going through the motions of a breakup, you start to finally get accustomed to the idea of having sex with someone else. Or, maybe you feel as if sex with someone else will help you get over things?

But if your looking for good rebound sex, then you should probably look for a new partner, someone whom you never had sex with before. It might sound like a lot of work looking for a new partner, rather than hitting up all your past hookup partners, but it’s definitely the best way to go when it comes to rebounding.

Socialize more, go out at night, or download a dating app, and get yourself out there more until you’re able to reel one in.

Reminds you that you still got it

Having sex with someone knew reminds you that you still have some game left. There’s no need to have left overs because you can still get yourself a new partner if you wanted to. Its a good self esteem booster.

You feel as though your moving forward

Having sex with someone new makes you feel as if you’re moving farther away from your past. Whether it was a bad breakup or some bad sex, all that is left in the past as you move forward with someone new.

You don’t have to worry about certain things

Rather than have sex with people from your past whom you may have bad history with, having rebound sex with someone new allows you to have sex without worrying about certain issues resurfacing. No need to worry about old feelings or problems coming up in any conversations after sex.

Someone new means new possibilities

Though this might just be rebound sex, having it with someone new might be a start to something new. Don’t go in with any expectations, but you two might end up clicking on a sexual or even an emotional level. So, you might have yourself a new fuck-buddy, or someone to bring home to your parents. Who knows?

It feels like a fresh new start

Having a rebound with someone feels like a fresh new start, as if your given a a clean slate. It’s especially good if you’ve been having sex with the same person for a while now. Having sex with someone new can help you break away from your past partners, and move on.

There’s more excitement and anticipation

When having sex with someone new there’s a lot of anticipation and excitement pertaining to how they will look naked and how the sex will be with them. It’s usually this anticipation which makes the sex so great, and makes you so eager to have it.

New experiences 

Rebound sex with someone new allows you to have a new experience. You two have to now learn about each other, your likes and dislikes in bed, what to do and not to do. It’s fun and adventurous. You might also experience some new things in bed that they do with you, that no partner has done with you or to you before.

It’s going to be amazing

Since it’s your first time with each other, you want to try hard to make it to the other person top 10 list of “best sex.” So the first time around you both will be pulling all the stops in order to make the person enjoys the experience. Basically, you’re trying extra hard. 

It’s no strings attached

Since this person is new, there really isn’t an established relationship or bond between you two either sexually or romantically. So if you’re not feeling this person after the first time, you can end things before any emotions begin to arise. Just don’t be a dick about it, try to friend zone them with class.

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