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9 Reasons You’ll Never Find Real Love on Tinder

Ah Tinder, millennials favorite way of dating these days. The problem with Tinder (and other dating apps) though, is that it’s hard to form a real connection on there. I have been on Tinder and found some hot guys that I did end up dating, but they didn’t last. They were based off of superficial things and you can’t have a relationship based off of these.

Tinder has taken away the fun of meeting people and dating. It’s become too easy to find someone to just hook with and people feel like they don’t have to put in actual work anymore to date people. This is why you will never find love on Tinder.

There are too many options

It’s hard to focus all of your attention on one person when you are matching with so many people. Yeah, that guy might be super cute and his bio is funny, but do you have anything in common? It’s hard to focus your attention when it’s so easy to find cute funny people all over the app.

Most people are looking for a booty call

Everyone knows that Tinder is said to be a hook-up app. I’m not saying you can’t find a relationship in Tinder, but you have to look super hard in order to find “the one” or at least the one that is not just looking to get into your pants the first night you meet.

A lot of creeps on there

If I have learned anything from Tinder, it’s that people are really freaking creepy. It’s amazing what people are willing to say and do when they are behind a keyboard. Does anyone really want to sext someone in the first 2 seconds of messaging?

It’s superficial

You’re littler sitting there swiping on people based on their physical appearance. Although you have to be attracted to your partner, it’s not the first thing that you should look for and Tinder makes this happen.

People lie on dating sites

People are liars, but it’s even easier to lie when you are on a dating site. You have the ability to lie about pretty much anything and I don’t think that you want to deal with figuring it out that everything they told you was bullshit.


Even worse than lying about money or a job or schooling, is catfishing. You can think you are talking to someone but you are talking to a completely different person. It can be a dangerous scenario.

Your expectations are too high

When you are literally looking at someone putting their best foot forward and best pictures, it’s hard not to get disappointed when you meet them in real life. When you are talking to someone online you can get to know the best sides of them because they have time to think about an answer and respond. In person, people can be very different.


A lot of people on Tinder ghost you after a date or after just a couple of days of talking. I have done this many times. Sometimes people just aren’t interesting enough to hold your interest in them, or sometimes you find someone better. Do you really want to go through this process? especially if you really like them.


A lot of the people you meet on Tinder are going to be desperate. They either are looking for love or someone to have sex with. They might not be on the same page as you and they might be too forward and desperate. Do you really need some needy guy/ girl in your life?

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