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9 Sex Toys That Are Mutually Beneficial

When it comes to sex toys, there seem to be this overwhelming options designed for just one person enjoyment. However, there are a wealth of toys designed for both partners to enjoy themselves.

Erotic Edible Play Pens

If you want to turn your partner into an erotic painting or dessert, these would be the way to go. The purpose of the markers is to be able to mark the spot on your partner’s body that you want to explore. Then to lick off the marker off their naked person. If you want to highlight the areas you would love for your partner to pay more attention to, these would be perfect. The play pens come in 4 different edible flavors such as strawberry, green apple, cherry and blue raspberry.

Frisky Ripples Finger Bang

'Frisky Ripples Finger Bang' Her Vibe

Touch can be so intimate and sensual, so why not turn it up a notch. The Frisky Ripple Finger Bang can be slipped on the to your finger. Then all you do is press the power button that is located on the tip. This can be used to rub on the clitoris, the penis or wherever you choose to.

Cosmos 365 Naughty Nights

If you are into Board Games this, one is for you. Plus leave it to Cosmopolitan to turn sex into a fun game. The game has 3 card types. One is for positions, another is for fantasies, and the third is erotic activities. So think licking chocolate syrup off your partner body.  Each partner can take turns.

Finger Vibrators

If you loved the idea of the one finger stimulator, you will adore this one. Imagine having your partner wear two of these so four fingers are sending vibrations across your body, wherever they touch you. This toy is waterproof in case you want to take your fun session into the shower.  It can be purchased at

Boy Meets Girl Vibrator set

If you want a mutually stimulating experience, I suggest you take a look at this. In this couple set of vibrators.  There is a vibrating cock ring as well as an accompanying vibrator for the ladies. It is compact and can be easy to take with you when you travel, making pleasure on the go easily accessible.

Couples Massager

The contour M is a rubbing stone for couples. This one can be a great foreplay toy. If you add in some romantic candlelight, some aromatic massage oil, this can get the mood started very quickly. The contour M also hold to your body temperature, so it won’t feel like you have a big block of ice on you. This can also be found at

Sex Swing

These can provide deeper penetration and great movement for both partners. B careful when you set it up and make sure it is secure, cause the last thing you want to do is inspire a “Sex sent me to the  E.R” episode. These can be found online at sites like

Bed Of Roses Playtime set

With the amazing body wand, The feather duster, and the blindfold this is a treat for the senses. Without the sense of sight due to the blindfold, the other senses are heightened. The vibrating body wand can up the ante after you have teased your partner with the feather duster. I recommend rubbing your partner’s erogenous zones with the body wand These can be found on Amazon.


Image result for fleshlight

A fleshlight is more for male satisfaction than female. It is shaped like a flashlight, however, the top is female anatomy. They have three choices: vaginal lips, anal hole, or lips. Have fun.

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