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9 Side Hustles That Can Make You a Surprising Amount of Money


If you’re not making the amount you wish to be making there is always opportunity to make more through various means. We currently live at the peak of prosumer culture and can often make much more money than we make at our day jobs if properly taken advantage of. Your hobby can easily replace that job you despise waking up every morning for if you truly want it to.

In fact, it’s probably best that you consider your side hustle as more than simply a second method of making money but rather a start-up company that you’re seeking to have take place of your job. This ensures that you’re mentally in a position to put forth the necessary effort to further develop it beyond such. You want your side-hustle to progress as you invest time into it, not remain stagnant.

But what if you haven’t yet found a side hustle and you’re seeking to find one? Here are a few that can actually make you a decent amount of money and have the potential with the potential to become more.


The company provides one of the most common methods of making extra money today. If you’re willing to spruce up your home a little, enjoy meeting new people, and don’t mind sharing your space with a stranger for a few weeks this is for you. You’re graded by users based on their experience (whether they had an enjoyable or not so enjoyable stay), and depending on said grading you can find yourself becoming a money making machine as you level up to super host status. I like to think this side hustle also offers the opportunity to network. Think of knowing someone overseas than can help you potentially move into another market, or simply meeting a new friend who has a shared interest in your field.


This is yet another one of those jobs based on a rating system, that with a little work could make you more money than you would expect. Although certain seasons are particularly slower than other, the job offers the ability to excessively network with people from all walks of life.

Photographer / Videography

You would be surprised by how many people need someone to take photos of them. Whether for weddings, birthdays, entertainment events, business events, you name it, people are always looking and word gets around rather quickly in regards to the work you can do. There is always the potential for it to land you in some of the most unexpected of business people who have the potential to place you right where you want to be.

Photo Editor / Video Editor

Being a videographer / photographer is one thing, knowing how to edit is another. If you can master animations, graphics, and manipulations consider yourself to have an advantage being that the amount of people that can actually do so is very slim. Taking the time to master Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Motion and Final Cut Pro X, can land you a gig in no time and help you break into boundless industries. Though time consuming, the pay for applying these skills doesn’t come cheap. You’ll quickly find your side job becoming your primary with such.


I’m going to leave this one wide open, because the type of things you can sell on Etsy (or even Instagram) is crazy. Everything from handmade terrariums, necklaces, bracelets, gadgets, etc. can be found there. Create a prototype and test how demanded your craft is by posting onto social media, then set-up your store on Etsy, and go straight to the bank.

Music Production

If you’ve got the ability to edit music or create beats you are in high demand with the amount of Soundcloud rappers there are today. Beats typically lease for a low of $20 and a high of $75 or so depending on the prominence of the producer. The real money however, is made through purchase of excluding rights which often drastically vary. Imagine selling exclusive rights for $500 – $1000, or even selling 30 leases for $20. Let’s not forget the opportunity for exposure as well.

Event Host

This one requires a little work, at least in building of your persona (unless of course it’s really who you are). If you’ve got the charisma, and the ability to hype up events, this might just be your nitch. Imagine getting paid to get word out about the latest events and get paid to live life. Sound fair enough?


As much as I don’t want to put this one on the list I believe I must. If done correctly and consistently (like the people who post make-up tutorials), you have the opportunity to be paid for your videos. Here’s where the true opportunity lies within the investment however. As we’ve seen via the likes of many we now consider to have reached celebrity status, gaining notoriety amongst the internet community attracts brands and major media / entertainment networks, thus opening the door do boundless opportunity.

Social Media Marketing

The most controversial of them all I believe. This doesn’t sound like a job does it? You would be shocked. The amount of people willing to pay someone to market their products, or manage their social media accounts is astronomical. Or take this into consideration: With a decent following people will actually pay you to post their content on your account. Not only that, but companies (much like YouTube) will pay you for simply using their site. Imagine receiving $1 per like, doesn’t sound bad at even 500 does it? Of course you have to be consistent and put in the necessary means to make it work, but there is potential.

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