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9 Signs You Have an “Almost Girlfriend”

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The talking stage is loads of fun because of the situations that come along with it. The first couple of dates with someone new may go well or may go bad, If they’re fantastic, however, you’ll be hanging around with that certain someone way more than you could’ve guessed.

Sometimes we struggle with making commitments. We can see someone for a couple of dates, really enjoy their company, and just don’t think anything of it. This can lead to the good times ending rather than going on. Girls appreciate commitment and it’s a trait that some guys need to remember in order to have successful relationships.

“Almost relationships,” are no fun and can lead to hurt feelings. It’s important to recognize these signs as they occur and know how to act on them. We can’t just be idle in these faux relationships, there must be action and a pursuit for a real commitment.

When She’s The Only Girl You Text Besides Mom

This is a heartwarming, but obvious sign of things moving quickly. If she’s the only girl you’re texting on a daily basis, whether it’s to talk about your day or a TV show, she’s the one. She may not be your girlfriend, but you know, you’re only a couple of right moves away.

When You See Her More Than The Rest of Your Friends

This should be another clue. When you notice you see her more than your bros or even choose to spend one-on-one time with each other than do the group thing. That’s your “almost girlfriend” and she could easily turn into your actual girlfriend if you play your cards right. Be honest with yourself and make a move.

When You Miss Her 

We’ve all been there. When you miss a girl you’re close with but not officially with, that’s a sign that you want to be more than just friends. If you saw her a couple of hours ago and miss her presence, chances are she may already be your girlfriend. If I’m wrong about that you know what must be done to fix it.

When You’re Exclusively Having Sex With Each Other

Friends with benefits is nice but that only leads to two things: a good friendship ending or a new relationship. If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably gotten the latter result. Relationships will undoubtedly be built from this, because why else would you avoid sex with other people? The fidelity to each other is one of the clearest signs that you have an “almost girlfriend” and should really be an eye-opener on your commitment issues.

When She Starts Leaving Stuff At Your Place 

This is a subtle sign, and you may not even notice it right away. It could start with a sweater or a book bag. Before you know it, your apartment is covered in their belongings and you’ll ask yourself how that happened. Your almost girlfriend enjoys your company and your space, why not leave some stuff around so you spend more time together? It’s a ploy that could work and lead to some feelings being shared as well.

When She Takes Your Clothes

Remember how I mentioned she’ll leave sweaters at your place? Yeah, that’s because she ran off with the hoodie your aunt got you for Christmas. Regardless of that, you find it endearing and you’re not at all upset that she took your sweater. You find it flattering, and why wouldn’t you? This acceptance just means you’re OK with having an almost girlfriend. If so, why not gift her something better than a sweater and make her your actual girlfriend?

When Your Parents Ask About Her

You know something’s up when even your parents are suspicious. Parents, mom’s especially, get a hunch on these things before they happen. They’ll ask you about the girl and when you update them on the situation, they’ll be  super disappointed. Keep your parents off your case and your girlfriend happy by actually asking her to be with you.

If Your Friends Don’t Know What to Call Her 

“So how’s so and so doing? You guys a thing yet? Got plans with whats-her-face tonight?” If you’ve been asked any or all of these questions, you and that girl might as well be official already. Your friends will struggle to picture you with someone else when they notice your friendship has turned into something more than that. Let them know what the real deal is and talk to the girl about the situation. If they’re right about it, you’ve got yourself a real girlfriend.

When You Sit Next to Each Other Whenever You Can

Whether it’s at a party, the movies or just hanging out at a mutual friend’s home, you guys are inseparable. You can’t help but notice where she’s sitting and likewise. You guys tend to have your own side conversations and ignore everyone else in the room. This is yet another clear sign that “almost” might as well be real. Keep an eye out for situations like these cause it could lead to the relationship everyone else sees before them.

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