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9 Signs Your Life is Going As It Should


Life is a fast paced roller coaster. One day you’re sucking your thumbs trying to stand on your own two feet for the first time, next thing you know you have a masters degree and are 40k in debt. Life is crazy, but sometimes we forget to stop for a second and acknowledge that we are okay and happy. We are creatures that very easily dwell on the bad, but sometimes forget that we are people on a good path.

We overlook things from small nuances to big people, places, or things that bear significance to us. We see a particular track or use things like money, cars, or stature indicators of our success. Life can be intrinsically happy and just because you don’t have those things does not mean your life is not as it should be.

Here are some indicators that you are doing all right out there in the world, keep up the good work.

Don’t Let the Past Hinder What You’re Doing Currently

It’s natural for us to think about the past. Sometimes you lie awake at night and think about that one interaction you had with that one girl 6 years ago in the afternoon and how you said something that made you look like an idiot. It’s okay we all have those moments. We as people have a tendency to continually blame ourselves for things that happened in the past. We beat ourselves up over something we can’t control at this moment in time. What’s important is to acknowledge the past, what you can learn from it, and practice it. If you’re doing this kudos to you.

Complain Less

Complaining sucks. No one really likes to hear someone complain, it’s like the verbal equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Some people feign catharsis by complaining, those people are assholes and wrong. When you start taking care of yourself and feel better about what you’re doing, you notice your outlook begins to change. You know what else, you start to have less to complain about because you’re putting your time to good use. Who would think that if you’re doing things that make you happy and feel good you would have less to complain about!

Achieving Some Goals

You are beginning to achieve the goals you set out to do. Yeah, you finally stopped procrastinating, dusted off that News Years Resolution and got cracking. Signed up for that cooking class, check! Cleaned out that one nasty part of your place you’ve been avoiding, check! The point is that you stopped putting off things. You decided to do something about it and get yourself moving. It doesn’t matter the size of the goal, but it’s important that you put yourself towards fulfilling these goals. In the words of the wise almighty prophet Shia LeBeouf, “yesterday you said tomorrow, so just do it! Make your dreams come true!”

People (and Their Opinions) Don’t Bother You as Much

You know you can’t please everyone. That is just a part of life and the sooner that you can accept that the quicker you can focus on doing you. As cliché as it sounds, you just have to keep doing you. If you’re doing what makes you happy you will notice that you will care less about people’s shitty opinions because you have this sense of fulfillment.

Pursuing Your Passions

It is important to have things you are passionate about. Passions and hobbies keep us sane. They act as a release to the insanity that can be our lives at times. Everyone is unique and has traits and interest specific to them. You all come with different talents and skills and it’s just a matter of deciding to apply them to something.

You Get Sad but Don’t Dwell

Sadness is a natural human emotion. It is normal to be sad at times. Let me put it this way, you can’t expect the world to be sunny and warm all the time because then we would have was is commonly referred to as a drought. If you’ve seen Inside Out you know exactly what I’m talking about. As much as we would like to be happy all the time, we need sadness, along with other emotions to balance us out. Shoutout to Inside Out for this lesson!

Appreciative of Support System

Sometimes we take the people around us for granted. Sometimes we push them away when we need them the most. If we can get to a point where we appreciate the people how our friends make us better, then we are doing well. It is also important to recognize the people around us always and the ones that show up when it is convenient to them. Sometimes it’s tough to realize, and better yet, accept, but once you do, you will essentially supporting yourself with a cast of people that will bring you up and keep you afloat when you’re down.

You Have an Appreciation for the Little Thing

You saw a flower and that, “that’s a damn good looking flower” or the guy who sells bootleg handbags said he liked your shirt. You can take these little gestures for what they are and appreciate them. Life can be so fast paced that we forget to take in the little things in life, and rob ourselves of these experience.

You’re Happy

You understand that things are not perfect, but you got a good thing going one. Life will most certainly have its fair shares of ups and downs if you understand that feeling it will help with the process. Happiness can be a good unit of measurement for success and an indicator that you’re okay and life is going exactly as it should for you.

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