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9 Signs The Person You’re With is Totally and Completely Selfish

As much as we might love our significant other, sometimes they can be dicks. Even with all the love and attention you give them, they can never seem to let go of their selfish ways which takes a toll on you and the relationship.

Both of you should be putting in the same effort and consideration when it comes to your relationship. You two are both individuals with separate minds and your own personal lives, but you are also one.

At times were so blinded by our love and our refusal to acknowledge that our relationships are anything less than perfect. But staying ignorant to the fact that your partner is a selfish brat will only cause more problems in the future.

They aren’t considerate of your feelings

The never consider your feelings when they say or do certain things. At times they feel as if you should learn to control your feelings and that what they do shouldn’t have such an impact on you.

They don’t respect your time

They never seem to have time for you but when they finally decide they want to spend time together they expect you to drop everything you’re doing for them. They never take your responsibilities, personal life, and obligations into account.

They’re never willing to share

They are always stingy and never willing too share anything with you. If you’ve ever told them that you have yet to eat, while they’re eating a meal and they don’t at least offer you a free or I bite of there sandwich, then your dating a spoiled brat.

They have a strong sense of entitlement

They feel entitled to everything. Your time, your consideration, your attention, and everything else you have to offer. They never reciprocate, but they still feel as though you should treat them the way they want to be treated.

They never show any vulnerability

They never allow themselves to be vulnerable around you. Their ego prevents them from ever allowing them to reveal their weak side to you.

They will never commit to you or anyone if there isn’t any benefit for them

The only time they ever commit to you, or anyone, or anything, is when it somehow benefits them. If there’s nothing in it for them, then they’ll find away to get of it or will just outright refuse.

They’re never there for you when you need them

Whenever you need them to be there for you, they’re never there. Even though you always try to be there for them, they’ve never felt the need to reciprocate the favor. You two are dating, so you’re supposed to be there for one another. If they keep bailing on you that just makes them a selfish jerk.

You always hear “me” instead of  “we”

They’re always talking about themselves, but never about the two of you and the relationship. It’s like if it isn’t all about them then it’s just not that important.

They never ask about your day, or about how you’re feeling

You never seem to be a priority for them and they never show any interest in what’s going on in your life. They never ask you “how’s your day?” unless you hint at them to. The only time they get an update of your life is when you decide to share with them, without them ever asking.

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