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9 Signs That it’s Time to Introduce Your S/O to Your Friends

Introducing your significant other to the rest of your loved ones can be scary. Once your friends have met your partner, there’s no going back. They’re officially integrated into your life, for better or for worse. Plus, if you have particularly protective or judgmental friends, the vetting process of your SO can be intimidating. What if they don’t like this person that you’re falling for?

Unfortunately, you can’t stay holed up with your new boo forever. Eventually, you have to take a break from one-on-one time and introduce them to your besties. Once you’ve reached certain milestones, it just starts to get awkward that the two most important parts of your life don’t know each other yet.

Here are 9 signs that your SO needs to meet your friends, like, yesterday:

Your Friends Ask About Your SO All the Time

If your friends are getting curious about your SO, it’s time to let them see for themselves. If your friend won’t stop asking for pictures, pestering you about his hobbies, and trying to look over your shoulder while you’re texting your partner, just let them integrate. If your friends are itching to know more, it means that it’s time for them to meet one another in real life.

You Talk About Your SO Constantly

If all you talk about with your friends is your significant other, you kind of owe it to them to set up a get-together. Your friends are probably a bit tired of hearing about this person that they haven’t even gotten to experience! If every other word out of your mouth is your partner’s name, why not have your friends experience their greatness in real life? Plus, maybe it’ll get the incessant bragging out of your system. Talking about your SO all the time is only cute for a limited amount of time.

Your Friends Are Getting Suspicious

If you’ve been dating your significant other for so long that your friends are starting to wonder if they’ll ever be introduced, you simply have to set it up. If your friend Stacy is asking if John is actually real, or is secretly a weirdo, organize a happy hour. You don’t want your friends thinking you’ve had a mental break or your SO is a creep. Just sayin’!

Your Parents Have Met Your S/O

I doubt there are that many cases of this, but if good ole Mom and Dad have met your partner, what are you waiting for? If the parents have met the person (and especially if they approve), then it’s only fair that your friends should, too. Plus, it’ll likely be more fun and less pressure than introducing them to the parents!

Your SO Asks

If your significant other asks to meet your friends, that’s great! That means the person you’re dating is invested in your life and wants to be fully integrated into it. However, it might also mean that your partner is starting to feel insecure. You know it’s just because you haven’t gotten around to it, but your S/O might be wondering why you’re hiding them from the other prominent people in your life. That’s not good!

A Big Event is Coming Up

If you’re going to a friend’s wedding, engagement party, or some other kind of important life event soon, your S/O is inevitably going to meet your friends, whether it’s at the event or prior. Your S/O might appreciate the chance to meet some friends in a casual setting before being thrown into a high-pressure event like a wedding, unless they’re super extroverted.

You and Your S/O Have Discussed Marriage

If you’re convinced that your partner is The One, then they should absolutely meet everyone in your life. If you’re right, then you’ve united everyone you love. If you’re delusional, then your friends can point out that your S/O is lowkey kind of controlling, or has an obsession with his mom that you were too giddy to notice.

You’ve Posted a Couple’s Photo Online

Once your relationship has been paraded on the Internet, it’s public knowledge. That means it’s no longer just you two enjoying one another. If your friends found out you were off the market from an Instagram post, then you kinda owe it to them to bring your partner to the next party they throw. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.

It’s a Rainy Tuesday Afternoon

Haha, I’m kidding. My point is, stop being scared and introduce your partner to your friends!

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