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9 Things You Should Do When Your Girlfriend is Freaking Out and You Actually Don’t Know What to do

Everyone freaks out at some point or another. Sometimes our lives just get so rough at points that we can’t control our emotions. Not only is this rough for the person experiencing the freak out, but it’s also difficult for the people around them, particularly their significant others.

What makes being the person dealing with their partner freaking out even harder is that oftentimes you have know idea what to do in those situations. If you think that that’s the case for you, have are some tips as to what you can do when your girlfriend is freaking out and you have no idea how to handle it.

Listen to her

This is the most important point I can make, which is why I’m putting it first on the list. The best way of dealing with a freak out by your girlfriend is by figuring out what exactly is making her so upset, and you do this by listening to what she has to say. Whether she just needs to vent or she wants you to help with a solution to her problem, just listening to her can make all the difference in the world.

Bring her something that she likes

It’s an old cliché but it’s totally true. If your girlfriend is really upset, don’t hesitate to stop for a minute to buy her something she likes. Whether it’s ice cream, flowers, a movie rental, not only will it make her day a little bit better, but it will also show her that you care enough about her to know what would make her just a little bit happier.

Give her space if she wants it

Not all girlfriends are going to want you around while they’re really upset about something. Sometimes it’s better to leave her alone than to be all over her while she’s freaking out. This is going to be difficult to judge if you’re toward the beginning of your relationship, so if you’re unfamiliar with what kind of space your girlfriend wants during these times, just ask her.

Ask her friends for advice

Chances are, your girlfriend’s friends have been around for longer than you have. This being the case, they’re likely more familiar with her freak outs than you are. If you’re still not sure of what to do, don’t hesitate to ask them. Not only will it help your situation, but it’ll also improve her friends’ perceptions of you because it shows them that you really want her to be happy. That can go a long way in and of itself.

Hug her!

Hugs are great. They make you feel safe, loved, and close to a person. If you hug your girlfriend while she’s freaking out, there’s a solid chance that she’ll appreciate you wanting to hold her while she’s upset. It’s really simple, but hugs be a major difference maker. However, please note that this might not be the best idea if your girlfriend is the type of person who needs space during a freak out. Like I said before: listen to her.

Ask what you can do to help

By asking her what you can do to help her during her freak out, you’re showing her that you’re willing to go out of your way to make her feel better. Even if there’s nothing you can really do and she says that you just need to let her do her own thing, she’ll most likely appreciate the sentiment.

Make her laugh and smile

Laughter might not be the best medicine in all cases, but it can really help your girlfriend when she’s upset. Does she like stupid jokes? Find a way to insert one into your conversation while you help her. Does she like videos of cute animals? Pull up a playlist of YouTube videos with adorable animals. Those make everyone smile.

Cook for her

Whether it’s a full on meal or just a quick snack, whipping some food up for your girlfriend is another way of showing her that you’re putting in serious effort to help her out. Freak outs can take a lot out of a person, and giving them some food can help ease things for her. Even something as simple as microwaving some popcorn can make a big difference.

Clean up her living space

Nobody really likes cleaning, so doing so for your girlfriend is not only another way of showing that you’re willing to put extra effort in her for, but it will also make her life easier in the future. You’d be relieving her of stress that she’d have to exert later on, which will definitely make her feel better.

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