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9 Things to Do if Your Partner is Bad in Bed

So you may love your partner, and find them to attractive and funny, and they literally check off on everything on the list. Except sex. But that’s a big deal.

If this is someone whom you care about, then surely you didn’t fall for them for the sex, obviously. So just because the sex is bad at the moment, doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. No one is born being naturally good at having sex, to be good at sex you need experience in order to hone your skills.

So don’t give up on your partner just yet.

Throw out some compliments before adding a suggestion

During sex, compliment your partner and even release some moans to increase their morale. This will have thinking that you are enjoying yourself, but will also create a situation in which you can throw some suggestions their way. They already feel as though they’re doing a good job, so you giving advice won’t seem so much as criticism but just a suggestion to amplify the already great sex.

Focus on their strong points

So there has to be something they’re good at, or something about them that turns you. Maybe it’s their dirty talk? Or their head game? Whatever it is, encourage them to do more of that, especially if its something that turns you genuinely. You enjoying yourself will make them feel as though they’re doing a good job, and will get them excited to do more in bed.

Masturbate right before having sex

Sometimes if the sex is that bad, and you’re not in the mood to endure it, then you should try getting a head start. Before having intercourse take care of yourself first, make it seem as if its a form of foreplay you enjoy, and when you’re about to climax then invite them to finally join you. At that point you are already on your way to orgasming so, they can’t do much to fuck it up right now.

Take the lead

Maybe you need to take the lead more, just know that now your responsible for both you and your partners pleasure. But at least now you can do things your way, and get some enjoyment out of it. Just remember not to neglect your partner and make sure they’re enjoying it too.

Have a flirty casual conversation about things you enjoy

While with them, or through text  just casually start up a conversation about sex. Be a bit flirty, to make them feel as if you being with them is turning you on and making you want to talk about sex (so don’t feel as if this is a lecture). During the conversation talk about the things they do that you enjoy, and also mention some things you want them to do in the future. Make sure to make your tone seems playful and flirtatious so they don’t feel attacked.

It takes two to tango

But honestly you can’t put all the blame on them, because they’re not the only one having sex, you’re involved too. So maybe see what you could do differently to improve the sex.

Ask their opinion

Ask them about how they feel about the sex. Maybe they feel a bit nervous? Maybe they don’t understand the roles being taken during sex? Or maybe they just don’t know what the hell they’re doing? Maybe having them open up about their feelings bout sex will make them feel more comfortable and secure in their role during intercourse.

Add some new things to your sex life

Maybe you guys just need a littlest of outside help. Wether its from a third party, a large party, some toys, or maybe some new fetishes? maybe its time to shake things up, and see if something new might cause a change for the better regarding your partners performance. And if not, then maybe you’ll find something that will enhance your sexual experience.

Extend Foreplay

If sex is bad, then maybe you two need to extend foreplay. People can climax during foreplay as well, and sometimes foreplay can be a bit more intimate and sensual then actual sex. So next time to rush to the main finale, and take your time getting there and building up the suspense, because the suspense you feel before having sex is whats going to push you through whatever messy half assed job your partner may do. But suspense will also motivate them to do their best when they finally get the chance to.

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