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9 Things You Really, Definitely, Probably Should Never Do on a Date

We get really nervous before dates, but this is a normal feeling. It’s OK to go into a date as if it’s your first one ever each time. However, there are certain rules we must remember when going on dates.

We can’t just abandon the rulebook when it comes to dating. If you can act like a normal human being on your first date, chances are you’ll have a couple more dates after that. But the key to a good date is good conversation.

We must know what to talk about and know what’s solid for conversation and what is out of bounds. Along with that, there are probably some other good things to remember, like having good manners. Dating is important and there’s an art to it, but we really should be wary of what we do on them. This list will help you make decisions that will have your dates ending on a positive note each time.

Never Fart or Burp 

You never want to do anything gross on a date. Farting, burping or anything coming out of your body is out of pocket. That’s just not allowed and you’ll gross out the other person you’re with. You have to wait a couple of dates to get this comfortable with someone, but again it’s something that shouldn’t be done in public.

Talk Too Much

We have to be mindful of how much we talk on dates. It’s not a one-sided conversation, you are spending time with another person. Let them speak too and remember that no one likes a conceited person. If you spend too much time talking because you’re nervous, let the other person know! They may be as nervous as you are and this could lead to a better exchange for the two of you.

Insult Your Date

You don’t want to crack jokes on your date. Well, not mean ones anyways. Remember, you may not be in a relationship with this person yet and you’re still getting to know each other. They may not be used to your sense of humor, but it’s also not a good idea to spurt out insults on a date. You want to flatter the person you’re with, not insult them.

Invade Their Personal Space

Everyone appreciates their own space. Unless if you’re about to hook up, keep in mind that people don’t like to be breathed upon on a date. This is why we sit across the table from each other, unless if you’re one of those weird couples who sit on the same side of the table. Give each other space and remember that you enjoy it as well.

Yell at Them

Do not raise your voice on a date! This will drive the other person away and you may not even see the date through. Nothing pisses people off more than yelling, and in a scenario where you’re trying to date the person, this will not help your case. Keep your voice down, be nice and show how much of a gentlemen or lady you really are.

Talk About a Past Relationship 

This will piss off your date too, even if they may not say it. You must stop dwelling in the past and move on from that. Your actions may show moving on by being on a date, but if you’re spending time talking about them that really shows the opposite. Be careful about this and don’t push yourself to date if you’re not ready, because you may end up hurting another person’s feelings.

Talk About Having Kids

This is another off limits topic. Nobody wants to talk about having kids on dates, especially if it’s the first date. This is a conversation that may seem more suitable for an established relationship. Don’t make the date awkward and keep the conversation light and on other topics like sports or television shows.

Make a Phone Call 

If someone’s calling you and you think it’s an emergency you should pick up. However, if you just pull out your cell phone and call your friends, that’s a red flag. Pay attention to the person you’re with, even if you think the date isn’t going well. Things get better and the situation can improve, but not if you’re on the phone the whole time and ignoring the other person.

Ask Someone Else Out (In Front of Your Date)

This could get ugly real quick. You should know better than to make plans for another date while ON a date. This is insulting and shows what your true intentions are. This is a piece of shit move and could be enough fault to end the date immediately. Be a better person and respect the people you date.

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