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9 Things To Reconsider If You Feel Like Your Life Is In A Rut

Congratulations, you’re stuck in a rut! So is almost everyone. It’s frustrating, and it can feel like there’s no way out.

But that’s not true. It’s never too late to shake things up and get a fresh start. Your life is yours to control, yours to mold into something you want it to be.

It’s gonna take some hard work and some real changes, and change is hard. Very hard. You probably want a better life but don’t really want to make any changes. Deep down.

But you have to rip the band-aid off if you want anything to change. It’s time to sit down, re-assess, and review the aspects of your life that could use a tweak. Start with these.

Your Job

You probably hate your job. That’s fine. Normal, even. But you don’t have to hate it. You can find a new one! You’ll probably come to hate that one, too, but only after a couple years.

You spend, like, at least a third of your life at work, so try to make it as non-shitty as possible.

Your Friends

Or maybe your friends are lame. Maybe you’re only friends because they used to live down the hall from you freshman year, or you were all in that weird play about PTSD together, or you both have Crohn’s disease. Those are all fine ways to start a friendship, but a few years down the road and it might not be enough to sustain a relationship any longer.

There’s no shame in cutting people out of your life. The only constant is change, you know.

Your Significant Other

Once you’re comfortable in a relationship, inertia can take over and the magic can fade. One day you wake up and you barely recognize the person beside you. You gaze at your own face in the mirror and realize that you, too, are a stranger. A stranger to yourself.

Kick him to the curb! It’s hard, but that’s because it’s important.

Your Living Space

Or it might be time to shake up your living situation. Maybe you can’t afford your dream house just yet, but you can probably find another place. Or at the very least, you can rearrange your furniture, buy a houseplant, or paint the walls a new color.

You’d be surprised how much your space affects your mood, energy, and sense of calm.

Your Attitude

Your attitude is the filter through which you view everything in your life. If it sucks, your life sucks too. It’s not a magical-thinking, rule-of-attraction platitude, it’s a common-sense observation. If you’re bitter and self-pitying and hostile and suspicious, how can you possibly enjoy life? How can anything good happen to you when everything sucks? How can you build an exciting life for yourself when you think everything you do is shit?

Fix your attitude, fix your life.

Your Diet

It actually affects how you feel. A lot. Fresh, simple, real ingredients beat out refined sugar and processed crap every time.

It is very fun to eat a lot of sweet and salty shit, but you should probably only do it in moderation. Healthy body, healthy mind, etc. Which brings me to my next point.

Your Health

You should probably be exercising. It’s great for your health, obviously, but it also releases all kinds of endorphins and shit that make your brain feel good.

Plus, you’ll lose a little weight, build a little muscle, and generally look (and feel) a little sexier. All good stuff. If you need a fresh perspective, hit the gym.

Your Hobbies

You can’t just watch television. Or play video games. It’s important to get out of the house, explore your interests, expand your horizons a little. It’s not a chore if it’s something you’re interested in!

Go to a protest. Dust off that old camera and snap some moody black-and-white pictures of storm drains. Take up archery. Go birdwatching. Take a (literal) hike. Bake something. Learn taxidermy. Join ISIS. SOMETHING.

Your Education

You can always go back to school. Re-train yourself. Pick up some new skills and knowledge and re-enter the job market fresh-faced a ready to go.

There are scholarships available, really solid community colleges, certification courses, and online degrees that are actually worth something. The post-graduate education experience is a wonderful way to re-boot your life and open up new possibilities. Do a little research and consider it.



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