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9 Times You Should Always Take a Step Back and Appreciate Life


Living life day to day, it’s easy to get caught up in whatever troubles you have. When you’re caught in that trap, you sometimes lose perspective on just how amazing life can truly be, universally. Whatever’s ailing you, whether it be big or small, there’s always an opportunity to take a step back and appreciate the gift that is existence. Here are some things can give you that perspective that is oh-so-easy to lose.


Whether they’re yours, or they belong to someone you know, kids can remind you that people aren’t inherently evil. A new baby hanging around fills everyone with that innate sense of appreciation for the blank slate that humans all start with, each and every one.


Going on a vacation always eases whatever tension you have going on. It’s a great opportunity to just veg, put yourself in a relaxed meditative state. When you get down time, you remember that life isn’t always about getting swept up in the rat race.


Yes it’s cliché, but I’m telling you, it works. Literally, stop and take a brief amount of time to smell the flowers, should you happen upon any flowers in your travels. Smelling something nice always puts you in a better mood.


Music is, in and of itself, a miracle. Listening to music, step back and appreciate what power that the synchronicity of vibrating air molecules can have over your emotions, and every one else’s. Regardless of genre, everyone likes, some kind of music.


While devastating, storms can also be beautiful. From a safe location, take time to observe the raw, natural strength of a storm; the power of the wind, the dazzling show of lightning, all can provide perspective.

Old People

Whatever problems you’re going through, chances are, old folks have been through it and worse. And somehow, they’ve managed to jump whatever hurdles popped up in their life’s path. If they could do it, so can you, because life is worth living out to its natural end.


Cynicism is a whirlpool, and it’s easy to find yourself swirling around to the center of a vortex of mistrust and jaded experiences. But weddings are that lifeline that someone can throw you, to show you that true love can exist.


Animals don’t have political agendas; they aren’t inherently malicious, even the dangerous ones. Observing animals in their natural habitats reminds one that humans are not the center of the universe, and that a koala doesn’t care about your problems as it’s eating leaves.


Arguably, nothing makes you step back and appreciate your own life like death. Whether it’s someone you know personally, or a stranger in a news headline, discussing death reminds you of your own mortality, and to appreciate the life that you still have to live.

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