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9 Times Your Mom was Totally Right and You Should Have Listened

Moms are superheroes, but mostly witches.

I have countless memories of my mother speaking to me with her eyes wide open and her finger pointed at my face as she scolded me for certain decisions I made. At the time, I remember thinking that she was a total bitch. And hey, maybe she was being a bitch. Maybe all of our moms are just a bunch of bitches. But if life has taught me anything, it’s that bitches get shit done. I’m sure all of us can think back to a time when we questioned our mother’s intuition. Is she a psychic or just really good at snooping around our things? Honestly, it’s probably a mix of both. Can we even be mad about that? Our mothers carried us in their bodies, we will always be a part of them; how can such an attachment not be hard to let go?

That’s an inconceivable thought to most mothers. There is no such thing as letting go of your kids. My mother always says that no matter how old I get, I will always be her child and when I’m 80 years old, she’ll continue to parent me from the grave. And we gotta give to our moms, every single time we thought they were “mothering” us too much, they were right. As much as it pains us to admit, our moms are right about almost everything; which is a witchcraft in itself. I am not a parent, nor do I intend to ever be one because I could never imagine being as good a mother as mine. Don’t get me wrong, she continues to piss me off every day but damn it if she isn’t right always!

When she said “save your money”

All those times she judged you for wasting money buying Taco Bell when she made food at the house, she was right. She constantly told you to save your money and not to spend frivolously on ridiculous things like fast food. So of course, when you went to Taco Bell for the 3rd time that week and had insufficient funds in your account; you sighed with frustration.

When she begged you to dump that guy

She told you many times that the guy you were seeing was no good and had no intention on being the right guy for you. Suddenly, you’re 27 and realized you wasted a lot of your twenties with some loser who constantly cheated on you. It can be hard to listen to your mom when it comes to relationships but she knows you more than you probably know yourself.

When she warned you that you were going to get sick

Every time you went out in the cold with your wet hair, she warned you that you were going to get sick. And you got fucking sick. She knows that there is no scientific evidence about that but she knows you always get sick when the weather gets like that. So don’t complain when you’re confined to your bed.

When she told you she hated your dress

Your mother will probably be the only person who will actually tell you the truth when you ask how you look in a certain outfit. Firstly, she’s not afraid to tell you the truth and secondly you’re a part of her, you have to look good.

When she asked you not eat that box of pizza

Every time you eat a box of pizza, you get bloated and feel badly about yourself. Your mom never wants you to feel badly about your appearance. She wants you to be happy and healthy; not sad and sick.

When she told you that friend was garbage

Listen, we all make bad choices in relationships and that includes the friends we choose to keep around. Chances are if your mom said your friends are garbage, it’s because they’ve had a negative effect on you.

When she advised you to focus on school

My mother begged me to go to college after high school, I didn’t and of course regret it. I could have saved myself a lot of hardship as an adult. Don’t torture your future self to exhaustion.

When she told you to take your time

Whether it be with your relationships or something as small as your final paper. Every time you rush through something, you can’t help but make mistakes and torture yourself with panic. Why couldn’t you have just listened?

When she said she’d always be there for you

At the end of the day, friends come and go but the only relationship that will remain in tact is the one you have with your mother. Give her some credit, she loves you even when you call her a total bitch.

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