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9 Times Your Significant Other Drives You Crazy, But It’s a Good Thing


Your significant other is human, so they have both good and bad qualities. The good qualities can make you really happy while the bad qualities can drive you absolutely nuts. However, the stuff that annoys you only makes your relationship more authentic. Here are 9 times when your partner drives you crazy.

Fighting over the bed

Sharing a bed is hard enough, but sometimes your partner pulls some shit that drives you nuts. Stealing blankets, taking up most of the space, and generally being irritating is something many people have to deal with when they’re with their significant others.

Netflix arguments

Another thing that can drive you crazy about your boyfriend or girlfriend is when you can never agree on a show or movie to watch together. Sometimes you can spend forever just figuring out what to watch, which can get on your nerves pretty easily.

Deciding on food

Something couples can rarely agree on is what to eat. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, nothing Is more annoying than arguing about what to eat. On top of being hungry, you have stupid arguments to heighten your irritation.

Cleaning the house

Nobody lives the same way. That’s especially true when you’re sharing a space with your significant other and you have different ways of cleaning. Maybe your significant other is a neat freak and you don’t clean at all or vice versa, or maybe your partner cleans differently than you do. No matter what it is, it can get annoying when you’re not on the same page.

Watching new TV episodes without you

One of the greatest parts of any relationship is watching a television show together. Because of that, there’s nothing worse than when your significant other watches the newest episode of your favorite show without you. Not only does it drive you crazy, it also feels a little like betrayal.

Sleeping habits

Spending the night cuddling up to your significant other seems nice until you notice their annoying sleeping habits. Whether they drool, snore, or kick, your partner is going to drive you crazy when you’re trying to sleep at some point in your relationship.

Being lazy

Relationships aren’t always fun and games. There will always be a point where responsibilities get in the way and you both need to get work done. Inevitably, your significant other is going to feel lazy and not get any shit done, which can easily drive you crazy.

Not listening

Nothing is more irritating than when you’re trying to tell a story and your significant other isn’t listening. Just when you think you’re going to finish your killer story, you realize that your partner hasn’t been listening the whole time. Whether the information was life or death or not, it still drives you crazy.

Leaving the toilet seat up

The archetypal thing that drives people crazy about their significant other is when they don’t put the toilet seat down. You can get into countless arguments about it, but somethings just aren’t going to change, and you have to accept it.

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