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9 Ways to Always Be the Real You in a Relationship

Relationships only work when we can be ourselves. It’s the best kind of relationship when it feels almost effortless. You spend time together and realize that the person you’re still the same person.

People change in relationships, whether they want to admit it or not. They pick up habits from the person their with, and sometimes, they aren’t the best of habits. We must learn to be consistent in how we act. Enough with trying to be someone you’re not.

While in relationships, we must learn to appreciate who we are. We are different from other people for a reason. Life is boring if you map it out to be just like someone else. What’s the point? We see that being original and real is really a game changer in relationships.

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy. When you’re honest with yourself, everything falls into place. You want to be the real you at all times. You can’t change who you are overnight. It just won’t work to make it up as you go. Present yourself the way you want to be seen at all times.

Better Relationship

It will make your relationship better to be just you. You’d have to live with putting up a front and changing who you are constantly. That doesn’t sound like fun for anyone involved. This builds a struggle to keep the relationship going and could lead to lying, which is a deal breaker. Be who you are and see how your relationship will benefit as well.

Talk Like Yourself

Sometimes we go all out to change the way we talk. Cut that out. Part of being yourself is also acknowledging your normal habits. So what if you have a strong New York accent? Love it, live with it and if they don’t like it too bad. Don’t change something minimal like an accent for anyone. Perhaps that person may not be worth your time.

Dress How You Want

Again, it’s all about comfort here. We want to show who we really are. This matters especially on like the second or third date. Sure, you want to leave a great impression on the first date, but after that be yourself. You don’t have to wear dress pants everytime you see your partner. If they won’t like you because you enjoy a nice pair of sweats, then leave ’em and be comfortable elsewhere.

Hang Out With Your Friends Too 

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to avoid your friends. Show your maturity and build a friendly schedule that works for everyone. You must make time for your friends because that’s just who you are. You don’t want your relationship to be the cause of ending all your good friendships. What happens if the relationship fails? You don’t want to end up as a loner, especially if that’s not who you were before the relationship.

Be on Your Phone When You Want 

Some people let their relationships control everything they do. Some people are even afraid to be on their phones when with their partners. Why? There’s no point in that. You should never be afraid to do anything around who you date. That should be a deal-breaker right there. Don’t hide your phone when on dates. Check it if you must, but remember to be considerate. Moderation is key in successful relationships.

It’s OK to Say No Sometimes 

You don’t have to agree with everything your date says. At times we can be afraid to be ourselves and speak our minds. This needs to change immediately. We need to know how to reach agreements instead of just agreeing because we don’t speak up. We need to speak up and make sure we are communicating well in relationships. A lack of communication can be dangerous and can ruin a relationship faster than you think.

Talk When You Need To 

You need to stand up for yourself and just speak when you need to. This is how you keep it real in the relationship. Some people are so quick to give up on speaking and let the other person do all the talking. Relationships are two-way streets and not one-sided. You must know how to work on the relationship and talking is the only way to make things better if you’re unhappy.

Be Sincere

You know how to handle tough situations. We are all adults here and know how to be ourselves. We know what we need to do to be ourselves. At the end of the day, you must be sincere in your relationships. This is something to remember on first dates and carry with you throughout the relationships too. Sincerity should lead us to value ourselves and who we are before entering the relationships. We want to leave the same, if not better than we were before the relationship even began.

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