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9 Ways to Deal With a Break Up Like an Adult

Breaking up is not as bad as it seems, right?

Getting over a break up is no easy feat, it can feel almost debilitating but it’s something that we all go through. In the midst of a painful break up, I wonder if Megan Fox experiences the same pain as us, the somewhat decently looking people. I can only hope the beautiful people of Hollywood too, stalk their exes on social media and cry when they post pictures. Needless to say, our pained hearts ultimately cause us to be a little petty and if you’re anything like me, you have to make a conscious decision to act like an adult when you really just want to bitch like a kid.

Is it possible to evolve from an immature, spiteful adolescent to a respectable adult? That’s unclear. However, I do believe that it is possible to at least try; sometimes the beauty is in the intent. And sure, your break up will be painful and it definitely won’t just miraculously become forgettable overnight but it will get better everyday. It’s difficult to be the bigger person in relationships but being the grown up in a break up is the only way to heal.

Reconnect with old friends

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that your friends often get pushed to the side in favor of your partner. When your partner becomes a thing of the past, your wonderful friends will still be there; and that’s why your friends are better than your boyfriend. With all this newfound time, take advantage and reconnect with your friends. Go out and get white girl wasted with your greatest pals and laugh your ass off.

Unfriend and unfollow

Don’t be like me on a Friday night with a pint of Halo Top ice cream and just pure frustration when I see my ex smiling in photographs. Unfriend and unfollow them on all platforms of social media. You don’t need to see what they are up to because you’re too busy enjoying your own damn life. Unfollowing them will also help to ease the accessibility to contact them; while you’re at it, delete their number.

Don’t ignore your feelings

Part of being an adult is realizing that you have feelings and trying to suppress them will only make you bitter. Although you are trying to heal from the break up, you can’t ignore how you feel. Accept your feelings in that moment and let yourself actually feel them. Stop trying to act like you can’t feel sad because it’s weak; it’s weak to hide.

Focus on yourself

This is the time to get out of bed and go try things you haven’t tried before. Focus on enjoying your own life and your own experiences. It’s very rare where you’ll have this opportunity to live only for yourself, so do it!

Stop living in the past

You could go back and think of all the moments when you should have cut it off with so and so but didn’t. Or you could stop living in a world that doesn’t exist anymore and look ahead to the future. Stop wasting your time thinking about the past when the present is very much present.

Just start writing

There are some people who just hate writing but honestly speaking writing is liberating. It doesn’t have to make any sense or be long or be anything other than one word; just put a pen to paper and let yourself go. When you write something down, you are putting down and away. You are seemingly getting rid of that thought; so make like Elsa and let it go.

Don’t do stupid shit

Please don’t drown your sorrows in alcohol or drugs or random sex. You aren’t a 22 year old girl named Brittany; be good to yourself.


Exercise is good for the body but even more so for the soul. Instead of eating handfuls of food hoping to alleviate your pain, go to the gym and fight out your frustration. Go and sweat away your anger!

Love yourself

This is the foundation of being a happy adult, love yourself. When you love yourself, you don’t waste time feeling bad for yourself. It’s your ex’s loss and the single world’s gain.

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