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9 Ways to Feel More Confident in a Job Interview

As the end of the school year approaches, people are looking for jobs more and more. Some people are incredibly apt at the interview process, while others get nervous, palms sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy, etc. (vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti). If you’re feeling a little weak around the edges this interview season, here’s some tips going forward.

Take Some Notes

It might seem a little unorganized, but it’s quite the opposite. Taking notes will show the employer that you’re diligent about the information he’s providing you with, and will want to really go over everything that was said.

Power Pose!

It might sound silly, but your body language can play a huge role in your demeanor in an interview. Sitting slouched and hunched over doesn’t convey an authoritative message the way upright with your chest out does. You send messages with your posture, so make it a good one.

Ask Intelligent Questions

Researching the place you want to work at is a must, but it also helps to find a question that might be tough to answer, such as what the company is planning to do to improve their stats. It will catch them off guard, but it will also show that you’re thinking long term about your future there.

Look Sharp!

Dress for success, dress for the job you want, not the job you have, etc etc. There’s some logic behind these maxims. If you want to come across as respectful, you have to dress like you deserve that job.

Move A Lil’

Sitting in on spot and not moving around kind of lets the employer know your a little bit nervous and maybe aren’t sure of the position. Moving around and feeling relaxed is a sign that you’re confident about how things are going.

Use Keywords

Anything that you used to standout on your resume, make sure to bring up and reinforce during the actual interview. Certain skills you want to highlight, job performance ratings,all the little things add up.


Be happy about your interview. Looking grim and ‘strictly business’, can give off the wrong vibe sometimes. It’s also worth noting that many businesses are willing to teach someone things they might lack, if they like the interviewer as a person. Start your business son the right foot, with a smile.

Get Ready For Inevitable

There are generic questions that lots of employers ask, like “tell us about yourself”, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”, etc. Having a good, thought out answer loaded in the barrel will show them that you came prepared. I’ve even had an interviewer ask me to tell them a joke. On the spot, it was not easy.

Use Their Name

Every person’s favorite word in every language is their own name. Use this tool as you address them, but at a respectful and professional level. It will help build a bond for the future.

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