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9 Ways to Be More Laid Back … About Everything

I don’t know whether it’s because of the way I talk to others, or the way my long hair presents itself, or the fact that I come from the city of flowers and sunshine, but whenever I meet new people through friends or family, they always tell me that I am laid-back and have a calming demeanor. It’s strange when I hear these things from others about me because, truth be told, inside I am churning and full of anxiety which feels as though it will take the life out of me.

Finding ways to combat stress and anxiety could be difficult when we think about how everything has to go accordingly to our life plans. Moreover, when things spiral out of control, the nervousness and worries start to intensify which works its way to get the better of us like some bacteria virus and dictate our way of life. But when you give an effort to try and settle your mind to calm down, you will be surprised at how much you stress over is meaningless.

So, if you are struggling with coming up with ways to be more laid back, here are 9 ways that can tell you how to be easygoing about everything.

Find something that relaxes you

When you stress over things, such as academics, jobs, or personal matters, you will start to become incapacitated to do anything you set yourself out to do. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to make the time to find something that relaxes you. It doesn’t matter if it’s reading, sleeping, exercising, or doing something with your hands because as long as it helps you settle down to get you back into the laid-back attitude, it’s working.

Schedule your time wisely

Sometimes, we feel the need to do everything simultaneously as a means of getting things done quickly. However, multi-tasking is a serious force to reckon with as it causes disruption and panic to one’s focus to execute tasks in a timely manner. This is why planners are our best friend as it assists us to make life easier, which, in turn, makes us more laid-back. By applying this simple tip into your daily lives, it not only will lower your anxieties, but it will make a difference in the way we see and use time.

Knowing when to say “no”

If you are like me, who is always high-strung and overstressed about every little thing, chances are you have trouble saying “no” to people. If experiences in life have taught me anything, I’ve learned the importance of accepting the fact that it’s okay to tell someone “no.” Many people feel obligated to say “yes” whenever a friend or co-worker asks a favor. However, if you are unable to give time for ourselves, it’s very difficult to become laid-back. So, the next time someone asks for a favor when you’re juggling with multiple things at once, and you need some downtime, just say “no.”

Process your thoughts before reacting

One of the most important steps to being a more laid-back person is being able to think before you act. We’ve all been in a situation in which something happened and then reacting to it impulsively, ultimately causing us to make the wrong moves or create a situation that is worse than it has to be. Taking the time to process what you saw or heard gives you the ability to practice to be calm and rational and becoming laid-back about everything.

Laugh out loud

It’s hard to find laughter and humor in yourself when anxieties are rolling high in your mind. But, when you are able to fend off nervousness that results in restlessness and panic-induced attacks, you will begin to realize that laughing has a positive effect which reduces stress, prevents burnout, and increases productivity. Therefore, remember to laugh out loud because it enhances your well-being to become laid-back.

Don’t hold yourself to too high of a standard

While it is important to set ourselves high standards in order to get where we want to go or become the people we want to be, it is also important to realize and understand that having high standards can also be a double-edged sword. It is inevitable that, somewhere along the line, mistakes will happen, and it will result in you to become severely stressed, have panic attacks, and be far from laid-back. This is why many people shouldn’t be too focused following on a specific path through life because circumstances are always changing. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up and feel bad when we make silly mistakes that cost our path to derail elsewhere. It will only make matters worse. Instead, just try to do well in whatever you’re doing, be it school, work, training, or volunteering, and you will come out ahead eventually because life is not a one-way street.

Take breaks

Some people always like to point out that if someone’s having fun at work, or in school, it means that they are not working hard enough. To me, however, it shows that such a person, who has fun, was able to learn and master how to function his mind and body at its most optimal level. I mean, when was the last time you saw a functioning person who’s gone without days of sleep or any breaks? The reason why we sleep or take naps is that the energy in our bodies needs to be recharged thus when we allow ourselves to take breaks frequently, it can help us destress, relax, and make our quality of life much better.

The 90/10 rule

The 90/10 rule, which my father taught me, is when you have no control of 90% of the things in your life while the remaining 10% you do. This is an important principle to follow in life as a way to live each day with a sense of calmness. There’s going to be a lot of things you simply cannot, and could not control that will affect your day or life. But, what we do have control over is our reactions and emotions. When we learn to control our reactions, there’s no way we cannot be laid-back.

Make your own kind of music

It can be stressful and anxiety-inducing when people try to tell you otherwise on how to live your life. Sometimes, you start to believe in the opinions of others, resulting yourself to act accordingly to their words which only puts more pressure. But why go through such ordeal that causes you to be high-strung, tense, nervous, angry, or jittery? We have to remember that serenity comes from what we want and not what others want. Even if it means to stand alone, being true to yourself is the only way that can lead your life to be relaxed, happy, and laid-back.

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