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9 Ways Starting from the Bottom is the Best Place to Start

Perception is one of the strongest tools we have, yet it can also be our greatest downfall. While starting from the bottom and making it to the top can seem like a nearly impossible feat, it is our outlook of such that has the ability to either motivate us to do so. We have the choice to believe that we have the ability to climb out of such depths, or remain hidden by the shadows that lurk overhead.

Of course, there may be several other factors that come into play in regards to why we may struggle to do so, but there is absolutely nothing that cannot be done if your perception of such and dedication to such are in the right place. Perhaps you didn’t come from the wealthiest family, or have the best social life in school, or have the benefit of having both parents in your life, you are still someone and you still have the ability to great at what you feel is your purpose. There will be times when you feel otherwise along your journey. There will be times you see others that are benefitting from the likes of that which you never had. Breathe… Do not become frustrated by this, but rather focus on the development of your own character as you move onwards to your destination.

Accept your life and all that comes with it, and realize you have the power to overcome any negativity that may come your way. Look at the glass half full rather than half empty, but fight to ensure one day it is overfilled in effort to assist the youth of tomorrow who may be experiencing the likes of a life which you once did. Realize there are a series of gifts in coming from where you have, that if used to your advantage can be of incomprehensible power.

Knowledge of What is on the Line

Your life pages have not yet been written for you, nor by anyone else. Things can only get better from here if you move forwards.


You Learn to Develop a Series of Maps.

All of your eggs are never in one basket. You learn to develop alternate routes that ensure you make it to your destination no matter what lies ahead. Evolve and adapt the routes as necessary until you get there.


The Meaning of Hard Work.

What people who have always had see as a mountain, you will find yourself often regarding them as molehills. You’ve had far worse days, thus making overcoming many of the problems that arise in life that much easier. You develop an edge over your competitors in that aspect, by maintaining the fact that nothing comes easy. With a full comprehension of that, you put your all into everything you do.


Inability to be Satiated.

You know how it feels to be hungry, and you refuse to go back. You refuse to allow others including your family, friends, or even the likes of a stranger do so if you can help. You’ll find yourself working harder than you ever have to make sure of it.


Development of Character

You become more in tune with yourself. Being that you have been around people from all walks of life, and come from a place in which you have seen the alternate side of having entails, you’ll often find your outlook and who you are as an individual to always be in a state of growth. You find yourself accepting of everyone, and a conscience telling you to “always do the right thing.” Be proud of that, and always seek to follow through.



You begin to look at things from multiple perspectives, instead of just your own, in attempt to understand others.


Development of Appreciation for things of Central Importance.

Money is nice, but it isn’t the primary motive, and you learn this along the way. Family, friends, education, making a difference, furthering notions of societal advancements all become a part of your life and you begin to want to do more in effort to do right by these things. You see that there is more wealth in these things than that of the materialistic value.



Expectancy of Self.

You expect more from yourself, both in regards to your character, your accomplishments, and the normal things you do daily, creating a goal even higher than the last you accomplished as you carry on throughout your journey. You see the motivation behind the statement “failure is not an option,” but have grown mature enough to understand the conceptualization of such. For in failure is a valuable lesson learned, but also the ability to pick up the pieces and acquired knowledge that will assist you in successfully following through.


Getting “There” is that Much More Rewarding.

The ability to look down from the top (back at that which you’ve overcome), having not started at the halfway mark is all the more rewarding. Your story ensures those facing the likes of that which you once did know they too can make it to where you are. All they have to do is believe, and of course KEEP GOING.



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