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9 Ways to Take Advantage of Being with Someone You Know You Have Limited Time With

One day you might find yourself dating someone who won’t be around for too long. They might be just be there on vacation, there for business, or school related reasons. But at the end of the day there’s an expiration date to whatever you two have going on between you.

It can suck, especially when you find yourself really liking the person. It makes the date of their departure so haunting that you might even refuse to write it down on your calendar. Instead you have it engrained in your head as you continuously remind yourself that the relationship won’t last.

But instead of getting yourself down, appreciate the time you are able to spend with them and the fact that they choose to spend their last remaining days with you. Instead of fearing for the future, learn to enjoy the present. Create memories with them which will last forever even after they leave.

Do all the things you’ve been wanting to do with someone else

When you know you have limited time, you feel more motivated to do all the things you want with your partner before they leave. Time becomes more precious and you find yourself having more things to do on your calendar. When there’s a limited amount of time you fear regret and not being able to do everything before they’re gone.

Do things outside of your comfort zone

You might feel a sense of freedom and comfort being with someone who isn’t going to be around for too long. You might not have enough time to build a strong romantic relationship, but you two are comfortable enough that you choose to spend the last remaining days they have together. In that time do things you wouldn’t normally do, because your relationship is already a bit out of the norm so why not go outside your comfort zone and take more chances.

Make some amazing memories of them so they always think fondly of you

You’ll feel compelled to make more memories with them, so when you two separate you will always think of one another fondly. The memories you guys will create will be ones that you will treasure forever and smile when you look back on.

Have as much sex as you can, because they’ll soon be gone

There might not be a chance that the two of you might see each other agin, especially if the other person lives overseas. You two will feel compelled to get in as much time for sex as you possibly can because you don’t want to feel dissatisfied when you two go your separate ways.

Be open with them, because they will leave soon so you might as well not hold back

You two can be open with one another because the fact that you can both be on the same page about the relationship coming to an end soon means that you two are able to communicate and understand each other well. So you should use this time to be the most open and honest person you can be. If they don’t like it, well it won’t make a difference because they were going to leave you either way.

Be comfortable with PDA, there’s no time for it to become clingy

Do all the gushy stuff couples do before your time is up. Take chances. Engage in some PDA once in a while. Soon you two won’t get the chance to, so get over your insecurities, and think of the relationship as an adventure you two are on. What’s there to be embarrassed of?

Just enjoy the time with them without having to worry about commitment

You can enjoy the relationship without having to worry about the future or commitment. All you know is the present, and that you are having a good time. That’s all that really matters.

You guys will continue being in the honeymoon phase because there’s no pressure

The honey moon phase won’t end because there’s already an expiration date for your relationship. So there’s no reason to put a damper on things by getting serious, discussing the future, and having difficult conversations. Theres no reason to get mad about stupid little things because you won’t have to deal with them forever.

When the relationship ends, it’s easier to handle

When you know that the relationship will end you are relieved of the anxiety of always worrying about whether or not you two will be together. You won’t. So keeping that in mind it can make things easier. It allows you to truly enjoy and appreciate the time you two spend together.

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