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9 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Really Committed to You

Sometimes it hard to figure out if your partner is really committed to you. They might just be comfortable with the dynamic you two have? Or maybe they are still unsure of their feelings or future plans with you?

It really sucks having such uneasy feelings towards your relationship, and your partners commitment towards you. And you might as if asking them will either make them upset, or reveal a truth your not ready to hear.

Well here are 9 ways to tell if your partner really is committed to you, so you can find out if you two are on the same page.

They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable

They take your feelings into account when doing certain things, in order to not step over boundaries causing you to feel uncomfortable. That might mean that they will conduct themselves in a manner that won’t make it seem as if they’re flirting. They will also communicate with you about any insecurities you may have within the relationship.

They make plans for the future, that involve you

Wether it’s small plans such as going to the movies next week, or moving in together, them including you in any future plans is a big deal. It shows how significant you are in their life that they want you to be apart of the smallest and biggest moments, because they want to stay committed to you.

They ask for you opinion, on major life decisions

If they value your opinion regarding major life decision it shows how much they care and respect you.  This level of respect isn’t given to just anyone, but someone whom they can trust and whom they value in their lives as a committed partner.

They’re open about what’s going on in their lives, in order to make you feel secure

If they’re committed to you, then that means you have their trust, as well as the responsibility of being a safe place for them. If they are able to easily open up to you about their most personal problems, then that means they are serious about you, and in other words committed to you.

They introduce you to those closest to them

When they finally commit to you and the relationship, they will introduce to all the people who are close their heart. Introducing someone to family and friends is a big step, and it definetlty speaks volumes of how committed the person is to you.

They make an effort to be more involved in your life

If they are committed to you then they will make an effort to be more involved in your life. That could mean making sure they spend sometime with you when they have the chance, and reaching out to to ask you how you are, to show that they’re thinking about you. It could also mean supporting you in the best of times, and at the worst of times.

They don’t try to be single on social media

They have no problem claiming you as their partner, and do not feel the need to uphold an illusion that they’re single. If they are committed to you then your attention and affection should be enough for them, rather than the attention of other possible suitors.

They’ve brought up marriage, and maybe even kids

If they’ve brought up topics such as marriage, and kids, then that means their committed to you to the point that they’re seriously considering spending their life with you. Talking about these subject means they can envision a life of just =being committed to you.

They won’t just give up on you, or the relationship

If they are truly committed to you they will never give up on you or the relationship easily. They will always try hard to work on things, and communicate with you on how to fix certain problems. If they’re committed, than you and the relations are worth it enough for them to work hard and develop as an individual and as a partner in your relationship.


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