Pizza Hut is Offering a Degree in Pizza and I Want to Go Back to School


When I was in college, I got a degree in Psychology. Clearly that went a long way considering I’m sitting here writing this article. Point of the story is, the degree was totally useless and it was actually a misery to get through those four dreaded years. Now, the Manchester Metropolitan University is offering a degree in pizza, and I might move my ass to Manchester really quick and pursue the delicious degree.

Manchester Metropolitan University has joined forces with Pizza Hut and has created a 1,500 new apprenticeships over the next five years. The students can learn how to make pizza, as well as learn skills sets to prepare them for a degree in hospitality.

Pizza Hut said in a press release that it’s committed to paying all apprentices the national minimum wage — £5.30 for 18- to 20-year-olds, and £6.70 for over-21s — instead of the statutory apprentice minimum wage (£3.30 per hour).



[via Mashable]




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