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A Former Walmart Employee Says That the Company Lies About Their E-Commerce Growth

Walmart is evil. They treat their employees like shit, they screw over local businesses, and they’re hellbent on conquering the entire world. These are things we all know already, so a former Walmart director’s claims that the company lied about their online growth shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

According to a recent lawsuit filed by Tri Huynh, who was once a director of business development for Walmart, the company blatantly lies about the results of their online presence in order to “win the e-commerce war at all costs.” He alleges that the company fabricates figures related to their e-commerce growth, how they compare to other online retailers, and how well they are faring against the likes of Amazon. According to Bloomberg, Huynh raised these concerns before being terminated by Walmart in 2017.

The lawsuit claims that Walmart lies about those figures through means such as inflating sales by failing to report items which were returned to customers and mislabeling or sorting products into the wrong categories in order to force vendors to pay higher commissions. Huynh argues that these practices allowed Walmart to falsely show growth over its competitors.

Walmart, of course, denies Huynh’s claims. A spokesperson for the company told The Verge,

This litigation is based on allegations by a disgruntled former associate, who was let go as part of an overall restructuring. We take allegations like this seriously and looked into them when they were brought to our attention. The investigation found nothing to suggest that the company acted improperly. We intend to vigorously defend the company against these claims.

It’s entirely possible that these practices could have happened as recently as February, as Walmart reported that its e-commerce sales in the US had grown by 23% over the prior fiscal year and its online revenue shot up by 44%.

This is all ridiculously shady, but would you really expect anything less from Walmart at this point?

[via The Verge]

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