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A Group of Writers Has Been Using A Predictive Text Bot Loaded With Old Seinfeld Scripts To Write New Mini Episodes of The Show


Twitter user @JamieABrew has been cooking something up this week. On Wednesday, the account, the bio of which reads “writer/computer @botnikstudios”, tweeted:

Brew later tweeted out the account info of several of his friends who had helped him with the project as well as a series of links to the Botnik Writer site loaded with old Seinfeld scripts, so that anyone can join in on the fun.

Links below:

Jerry keyboard

Elaine keyboard

George keyboard

Kramer keyboard

Stage Directions keyboard

Standup keyboard

On Friday, Brew even graced us with an ‘Episode 2’:

People are loving it.

There has even been an outpouring of fan art for the cyber miniseries:

From the script: “George is wearing a $20 hat that says ‘Hello To Horse’. ‘I’m kinda like the captain of hygiene’.”

People even want to see it animated:

Brew seems to be some kind of fun and spooky genius. The rest of his Twitter account is loaded with his adventures in predictive text use across the internet including Yelp reviews of The Space Needle:

and Buckingham Palace:

reviews for P90X on Amazon:

and a beginner’s guide to beekeeping:


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