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A List of Some of the Best Fall Items to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Not everything is pumpkin I promise!


Americans might not agree on much, but I think one thing we definitely agree on is that Trader Joe’s is one of the best grocery store chains we have.

They have literally everything, including cheap canned wine. I visit the store a few times a month and I’m never disappointed. They also have the best items for the fall season, so this is always a very exciting time.

One of the best things about Trader Joe’s is the versatility in their products. There are so many recipes to make that include some of the fall items, so you can have seasonally appropriate dinners that are delicious.

Here are some of the best fall items I’ve tried so far:

Pumpkin Soup

Trader Joe’s

Apparently, this soup has been around since 2012. My first time trying it was a few weeks ago, and I’m hooked. An end-of-September cold had plagued me, and I was feeling pretty down. I had picked this soup up a few days prior, so I figured it would be the most appropriate thing to eat. WELL. I cooked some orzo pasta, heated up the soup, and combined them in a big bowl. It was out of this world. The soup had hints of nutmeg, chai, and cinnamon. It did not have a super thick consistency and it was just perfect. 10/10 recommend.

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

Trader Joe’s

This. This. This. This right here is the creamiest mac you might ever have and that is not an exaggeration. The pasta is the perfect size and shape for the sauce, because the sauce actually clings to the ridges and gets all up between them and YUM. One of the best things about this, as with most Trader Joe’s things, is that it comes from the freezer section and it’s delicious. It’s easy to make and will definitely come in clutch when dinner ideas go flat. Did I mention the sauce also has three types of cheeses?

Pumpkin Rolls

Trader Joe’s

Eat this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Not just dessert. Not only are these rolls fluffy and soft, but they come with a pumpkin icing to drizzle on. The best time to eat these are when they’re hot so the icing melts. Actually, any time is the best time to eat this treat. Let these amazing rolls be the motivation to host a Sunday brunch and wow the crowd. But don’t forget to save some for yourself!

Autumnal Harvest Creamy Pumpkin Sauce

Trader Joe’s

This sauce will change the way you think about jarred sauce. My parents both immigrated from Sicily, so jarred sauce is pretty frowned upon. However, I made this sauce with some tortellini and nicely grilled chicken on top, and the result was perfection. The sauce is thick from the heavy cream, and is made with pumpkin puree and butternut squash. It is literally an “autumnal harvest” and should account for at least a few meals this fall.

Maple Pecan Shortbread Bar Mix

Trader Joe’s

Maple and pecans are a great mix and perfect for fall. The flavors complement each other so nicely, and you’ll really enjoy these bars. Don’t feel pressured by the recipe/directions, the results don’t match the effort. The directions are pretty straightforward and simple; you wouldn’t think these amazing bars are made with little effort. Plus, you’ll probably feel just like Betty Crocker. Whip these out for some breakfast treats; they go great with some pumpkin rolls.

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