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A “Morally Questionable” Scavenger Hunt Results in a University Sorority Being Banned

The Alpha Chi Omega sorority at LeHigh University has lost its organizational status due to behavior that the committee has deemed “reprehensible” and “morally questionable.” The specific behavior under scrutiny was  a sorority scavenger hunt that involved the use of drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity, all of which were in violation of LeHigh University policy.

The scavenger hunt was called “The Road Rally” and is suspected by the LeHigh disciplinary committee to have been going on for years despite its only recent discovery and the subsequent shutdown of the sorority.  The sorority’s national chapter has also conducted an investigation separate from the University’s, according to CBS News, and have taken their own probationary measures against select members of the sorority.

Alpha Chi Omega will not be authorized to return to campus until 2020. Until that time they are prohibited from using the college’s name and facilities.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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