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Aaron Paul and James Corden Sneak Into ‘The Price is Right’ Studio – You MIGHT Believe What Happens Next


Back in the year 2000, a pre-Breaking Bad, skinny-facial haired Aaron Paul was a contestant on The Price is Right. He made it all way to the final Showcase, but he overbid by a mere $132.

So on last night’s Late Late Show, James Corden helped Paul sneak back into the Price is Right studio to redeem his life’s biggest embarrassment. At first it’s a little fuzzy how said redemption is going to work. Are they going to steal the prize money Paul missed out on? I don’t imagine that’s actually kept at the studio. Eventually it becomes clear how it will all go down, though it is arguable whether or not it actually makes sense.

In this makeshift game, Paul’s opponents are a department store mannequin, a mop with googly eyes, and a cardboard cutout of Drew Carey. That Mop with Googly Eyes – he’s going places.

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