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Accio, Mortgage! You Can Now Buy Harry Potter’s Childhood Home

At first glance, the De Vere House, located on Water Street in the posh Lavenham neighborhood of Suffolk, England, looks like just another quirky historical home. That burnt gray and yellow striped exterior, the lovely exposed columns in the living room, the quaint garden perfect for teatime, etc. However, this home holds a special place in the lore of Harry Potter: it stood in as the boy who lived’s childhood home in Godric Hollow in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 

Now you and your nerdy little pals can reenact the tragic deaths of James and Lilly Potter at the hands of He Who Must Not Be Named, just try not to fight over who gets to play baby Harry and therefore gets a bomb ass facial scar. All you’ll have to do is pool together £995,000 ($1,292,714), no word on whether Carter Jonas realty accepts goblin gold, thought for a Grade I property like this, they may very well make an exception. Accio, mortgage!

[via Mashable]

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