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Adele Tries to Dance Like Beyonce On Stage, World Swoons

Adele with arms outstretched

Forget Bromance, the love between Beyonce and Adele is the stuff of legends.

Adele reminded us why we love her so much at a concert last night in Melbourne, Australia, where she did her best Beyonce with a fan on her set.  When she noticed the fan was blowing her hair in a signature Bey look, she started whipping her head around a la “Crazy in Love,” singing a couple “uh oh, uh ohs” to boot.

Obviously, we love Bey and Adele for very different reasons, so Adele wasn’t so much fierce as hilarious doing this.

“I don’t know how she does it!” Adele exclaimed. Neither do we baby, neither do we.

She even asked her band for a beat and started really whipping it, channeling her inner Sasha Fierce. Clearly, the Beyonce-ing should be left to Beyonce, as Adele joked afterward that she needed a medic since the whipping left her a little dizzy.

After the Adele/Beyonce exchange at the Grammy’s we knew the love was real, but this cements the need for a girl power tour with the two diva’s.

Lets get on it ladies!

[Via Elite Daily]

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