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After “Crying Wolf” About Fake News, Trump Has Decided to Force Propaganda Into American Living Rooms

Trump Deals Fatal Blow to the Fourth Estate


As reported in GQ, The administration will implement two forms of White House-friendly (news) propaganda that are at opposite ends of the subtlety spectrum, but their ability to launch a two-pronged attack on the free press poses a real threat to our democracy. Instead of viewing his inability to earn organic praise as a symptom of being an absurdly incompetent and historically unpopular commander-in-chief, the president has evidently decided that the real problem here is that the coverage of his administration is inherently flawed, and that if he can’t convince Americans of his worthiness, controlling the information they use when forming their opinions is the next-best option. Donald Trump desperately wants your respect, but if given the choice between earning it honestly or earning it expediently, he’ll always opt for the latter.

Proving once again that our Todler-in-Chief has a constituency of one, himself. Lacking a political party, and clearly torn between the US and Russia as his “must please” audience, the President is undermining the most vital part of any democracy, a free press. He isn’t the first to test the boundaries of past doctrine. Under the Reagan administration, the FCC killed the Fairness Doctrine (in 1987), doing away with a policy — put in place in 1949 — that required broadcasters to cover controversial issues of public importance and offer contrasting viewpoints on those issues. That may sound crazy to liberals who dare watch Fox or Trumpbulicans who watch anything but. Still there was a time when news was based on objective facts, something this President, and many other would hate. To be fair to the GOP although it was dismantled by their party, as late as 2007 then Senator Obama was against reinstating it. To make matters worse, it was President Clinton who paved the way for the mega-media-conglomerates.

Aaron Sorkin captured the inner-workings of the White House, in The West Wing, Six years later The Newsroom debuted on HBO and laid out a template for what can go wrong, and then right with the news.

The FCC Media Bureau denied a request from DISH, ACA and Public Knowledge to force Sinclair and Tribune to cough up more info related to their proposed merger. Several indie programmers, including Cinemoi and Newsmax, backed the request for more info on the deal. The Bureau said that the parties don’t need access to the “wide-ranging and highly confidential information” that they’ve asked the FCC to demand from the broadcasters. What’s more, the FCC said proper procedure is to file a motion to deny if a party believes there isn’t enough info to establish the transaction is in the public interest. The FCC also denied the trio’s request to extend the petition to deny deadline by at least 30 days. The loss isn’t stopping opposition to the deal. On Monday, reps from ACA, DISH, Common Cause, One American News Network and the Computer and Communications Industry Assn are holding a call with reporters to discuss why they believe the deal be rejected.

If you stuck it out to the end of the article, google Sinclair Media, tomorrow i will follow up with the chronology of how this happened, and hopefully we can find a way to stop it. There is fake news, but nearly all of what the President has branded as such is just news he doesn’t like. Thats simply good, objective reporting. The new Trump News and Sinclair media are just alt-right bullshit.

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