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‘Agents of SHIELD’ “Spacetime” Review

Agents of SHIELD experienced a glimpse of a future that will forever shift the series. The team encounters a Inhuman who foresees one’s death. As SHIELD counters the future, the past comes knocking in the form of two former allies.

After a man’s premonition of a HYDRA attack occurs, SHIELD realizes his vision was initiated by an Inhuman who’s mere touch previews one’s death. In an attempt to keep him from HYDRA, Daisy envisions herself being gunned down by Coulson as the rest of SHIELD is rendered useless. Daisy bestows it upon herself to battle time and their fates.

Meanwhile Malick and Ward maneuver HYDRA’s next phase. They get their hands on a powerful weapon with the help of their Inhuman hostage. Ward awards Malick the weapon, giving him his first taste of real power. Here we see the ascension of Grant Ward into the leader of HYDRA.

As Mack is awkwardly absent from this episode, we see Dr. Andrew Garner returned. Fearing his alien transformation is nearing completion, he’s come to say his final goodbye to May. She tests Simmons’ Inhuman cure on him, but the formula fails to prevent Lash becoming Andrew’s permanent form.

This is all backdrop for Daisy’s showdown with HYDRA. Battling henchmen her vision comes true. Luckily one prediction was wrong: Coulson’s bullets were meant for an unseen gunmen. This advantage allows Daisy to reach Malick. At first he scores the upper hand, cornering Daisy. But the captured Inhuman, Charles, grabs Malick distracting him long enough for Daisy to deliver a final blow.

In the final moments, Daisy experiences a vision alluding to an aircraft exploding above Earth’s atmosphere. No telling what that means for SHIELD, especially now that they know Ward survived the monolith ordeal. Next week’s episode should be intense.

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