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‘Agents of SHIELD’ “A Wanted (Inhu)man” Recap

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Last night’s Agents of SHIELD saw a former ally become an enemy as Inhumans become the newest terrorist threat. Hunter and May begin their search for HYDRA. And Fitz and Bobbi begin Simmons’ rehabilitation.

The alien threat is given a face as Lincoln becomes public enemy #1. With the ATCU and all law enforcement on his trail, Daisy and SHIELD attempt to get to him first. He avoids their extended hand going rogue. This reaps sour consequences leaving one innocent dead and Lincoln vulnerable.

Hunter and May set out to track Ward’s trail.They begin with an old associate of Hunter’s, a weapon’s dealer with links to HYDRA. The operation gets a bit hairy during a rousing round of amateur fight club. The winner, Hunter, gets a foot in the door as a HYDRA trainee.

Back at HQ Fitz and Bobbi assess Simmons’ progress. She’s slowly but surely showing signs of normalcy. Yet she mostly keeps to herself. We see the roles reversed as Fitz is now the caretaker for a fractured Jemma.

Coulson meets with Rosalind Price to negotiate their handling of Inhumans. Being two sides of the same coin, the leaders understand the other’s position. And while Price realizes her method is harmful, it’s strictly business. Simultaneously SHIELD and ATCU find Lincoln.

Coulson orders Lincoln to be released into ATCU’s custody. When Lincoln escapes Rosalind sets her sights on Daisy. Coulson makes the tough call offering himself. As ATCU’s consultant, he can monitor just how they are tracking these subjects.

While their partnership isn’t a total surprise, the final moments with Jemma and Bobbi are. Bobbi finds her sternly analyzing what’s left of the monolith. Reassuring her that the portal can not be reopened, Bobbi is puzzled when Jemma exclaims it must, because she has to go back.

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