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Aides to Former Vice President Joe Biden Are Brainstorming Plans For 2020 Run

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his team are reportedly brainstorming some out-of-the-box ideas for a possible White House run for the presidency in 2020.

Some of the potential ideas on the list include announcing his run either really early or really late in the primary season so as to dictate the playing field around him, skipping Iowa and New Hampshire and focusing on South Carolina, picking a running mate immediately, possibly outside of politics, and making an appeal to Republicans who are opposed to President Donald Trump. Furthermore, donors and supporters have also noted that Biden should announce that he would run for only one-term as a means to sell voters on a “reset presidency” in that he would pick a younger Democratic running mate and act as an elder statesman preparing for the next generation.

According to one person close to the discussions, Biden is “thinking through a million unconventional options, because there is an acknowledgment that this could be an unconventional campaign” as the former vice president and his team reflect the realities of his age factor in the run at the time of political upheaval.

At a campaign stop for Democrat Conor Lamb, who is running for a House seat in Pennsylvania, Biden criticized the division in current politics, mostly chastising Mr. Trump’s policies and action in which he said that Trump’s tax bill has the rich stealing money that “they didn’t earn from working people” as well as “worry[ing] about the left and the right.”

Biden has also described his aides to make a shift in the narrative by moving on from people telling him to run because he can defeat Trump to running for the job because he has the credibility and the experience to do so. He reiterated this argument in Pennsylvania on Tuesday by saying that former President Barack Obama had always entrusted him to make deals at Capitol Hill.


via [Politico]

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