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Air France is Desperately Trying to Target Millennials and I Just Can’t

Via Air France

Air France is trying to expand their services in a pretty sad way. Instead of addressing travelers as a whole, the airline has to decided to target millennials. This is not new for airlines, but Air France is just trying a little too hard.

The problem with this is that millennials literally hate being cast apart as frivolous and easily duped, so targeting millennials is exclusionary. The misunderstanding of how millennials only care about trending things such as avocado toast spreads a false belief about a large group of people born post-1980. According to Mashable, the truth of the “millennial” generation is “the perfect storm of debt, housing and joblessness.”

Air France is ignoring all the actual issues, and just enhancing stereotype through tireless clichés. The new airline they created is called “Joon” and it captures everything that baby-boomers think millennials like.

“Joon is a fashion brand, a rooftop bar, an entertainment channel, a personal assistant … and Joon does flying too!” says the press release, which underestimates millennials ability to see behind the buzzwords.

The logo is electric-blue and can be found everywhere on the plane. The chic-dressed crew members in fashionable “sportswear” are donned in navy-blue uniforms and white sneakers. Apparently they can only be helpful if they are wearing white sneakers.


Millennials love that, right?

Joon is trying to sell low-priced tickets starting December 1. Tickets starting at 39 euro (roughly 46 USD), will send millennials on a one-way trip to Europe. So while on a discounted flight, millennials can enjoy organic treats and freshly squeezed juices while watching a Joon entertainment channel. The channel streams RedBullTV and Viceland. Sigh.

One of the most eye-roll features is the “AlloSky Virtual Reality Headset” because flying on a plane is boring and millennials need constant entertainment and distractions. The headset is described below:

The AlloSky Virtual Reality Headset will be available to Business customers on long-haul flights in collaboration with SkyLights. This new generation headset provides several innovations such as a high-definition screen and a diopter correction to adapt to everyone’s eyes. It can be connected individually to each seat.

What Air France fails to realize is that casting millennials as flippant and foolish will only deter sales. Their obsession and attempt to reach out to millennials will actually hurt their sales and turn millennials away from Air France.

This video seems like a satire, but I promise it’s their promo video:

[via Mashable]

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