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Air New Zealand Has a Very Funny Christmas Ad Poking Fun at the Kiwi Accent

The Kiwi accent can be a bit difficult to understand for anyone who isn’t from New Zealand. In this new advertisement from Air New Zealand, children with a Kiwi accent call in to Santa’s workshop and tell Santa what they’d like for Christmas.

Santa is skeptical of the children’s wishes as his loyal elf manages to concoct each odd desire. One child sits on his bed leafing through a magazine when he sees a racecar bed he really wants. However, Santa understands new “beard” and his elf uses a tablet to graphically add a beard to the little boy’s face.

Wishes get weirder as children wish for an “earplane,” a “puggy bank,” and “a book of magic trucks.” As the list goes on, an exasperated elf storms into the room where Santa is receiving the calls and demands to know why the children are asking for such weird Christmas gifts.

It’s not until three employees from Air New Zealand show up to explain the Kiwi accent and which letters get switched. For instance, “a’s are e’s” and “e’s are i’s.” They help Santa realize that a child did not ask for a “bug screen tv” but a “big screen” one.

The whole advertisement is very cute and funny. Hats off to Air New Zealand for having such a good sense of humor.

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