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Alec Baldwin Rolls His Eyes About Having to Impersonate Trump on ‘SNL’

CREDIT: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Alec Baldwin has been known for his antics, whether it’s on 30 Rock or Match Game, and he recently opened up about his Twitter feud with the president on Tonight Show.

Baldwin first got big laughs for impersonating the president during his 2016 campaign run, and he didn’t mind doing it because he didn’t think Trump would win. But after the election results came in, a worried Alec sat in bed pondering what had just happened.

Saturday Night Live has had him frequently reprise the role, which he calls “agony.” He claims that playing the role repeatedly does start to become exhausting, and Trump has had some foul-mouthed things to tweet about him since.

Impersonating the president: a blessing or a curse?

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