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Alec Baldwin’s Trump Impression Might Make it Yooge on Broadway

via Entertainment Weekly

Of course the FAKE NEWS media is not reporting on the possibility of Trump on Broadway. But good thing Alec Baldwin, who is a tremendous guy, a really, really good guy, one of the best, announced that he might be brining his Trump impression to Broadway.

On The Howard Stern Show, Baldwin said he would love to bring his “character” on stage as a one-man show, inspired by his book, co-written with Kurt Andersen, You Can’t Spell American Without Me.

Will Ferrell, who originated the “character” George W. Bush on SNL had a show on Broadway titled, You’re Welcome America. Baldwin said his show would be quite similar to Ferrell’s.

Baldwin said his show wouldn’t last “for very long” and would be produced by Lorne Michaels who created the character. “What Lorne did do was give me permission to write the book, which was up to him to do,” Baldwin explained. “This was all the genesis of this. Lorne owns my rendering of it; it’s his intellectual property, as it should be.”

Baldwin’s impression started in July 2016, and the public loved it so much that Baldwin decided to return to it multiple times.

This might be the one fun thing Trump will approve of.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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