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Alibaba to Stream Disney Cartoons and Films as Part of New Licensing Deal

Alibaba and Disney have reached a licensing deal which will include the right to broadcast over 1,000 installments of animated shows and films by Disney.

Alibaba VOD service called Youku will be streaming the films and shows. The deal will make the company the one number distributor for Disney in China.

“The streaming service reaches 580 million devices per day,” stated Alibaba. Other major companies like Warner Bros, Paramount, Fox, and NBCUniversal have the same kind of licensing deal.

DisneyLife was a Disney streaming company that was shutdown in China a few years ago. The device was similar to the Google’s Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. It included a television and movie collection, plus music, ebooks, vacation planning, and merchandise shop from Disney. The device was $125.

DisneyLife ended because of Chinese regulators.

The new deal with Alibaba is just the latest major move by Disney, as the company just keeps expanding its growth.

[Via The Verge]

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