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All 680 West Virginia Public Schools Are Closed Due to a Teacher Strike

West Virginia teachers are making history: the state is experiencing its first-ever teachers’ strike. All 680 public schools in West Virginia are closed due to the strike, which is on its third day. As of 6:30pm Sunday, schools in all 55 counties were forced to cancel Monday’s classes.

The teachers are striking in protest of low wages and lacking benefits. According to the National Education Association, West Virginia’s teachers are the 48th-lowest paid in the nation. In Kanawha County, other school employees were asked to report to work. The executive director of the West Virginia School Services Personnel Association, Joe White, said not to hold their breath.

Nearly twenty thousand teachers have walked out of schools, and many have descended on the West Virginia statehouse with protest signs. This impressive time lapse video shows the huge support this movement has gained:

Naturally, the teachers are pretty creative with their protest signs. Kristi Sayres, a second grade teacher, showed up to the protest decked out in all of the receipts for school supplies she paid for out of her own pocket. The receipts totaled $1,332.

It doesn’t seem like the teachers will be backing down anytime soon, such as this brave group belting “We’re Not Gonna Take It” outside of the statehouse.

Hopefully, the teachers will see the raises and benefits that they need. At the very least, can we stop making teachers pay for their own fucking supplies?

[via Charleston Gazette Mail]

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