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All Time Box Office Records Say “Be Our Guest” to ‘Beauty and the Beast’


It’s a tale as old as time (or at least decades): Disney fans really, really love Beauty and the Beast.

The Emma Watson-starring live-action remake of the animated classic opened to an estimated $170 million over the weekend, which is good for the best domestic opening in March and indeed all of spring (besting last year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) and seventh for openings at any time of the year.

And the stats just keep on coming: this is also the number one opening for a PG-rated film, number one for a PG-rated IMAX opening, and a $350 million global opening places it 14th all time. (“Time,” get it?)

Based on this pattern, a March 2018 release will soon be the next all-time box office champ. So will it be the Wreck-It Ralph sequel? Or “Untitled Greg Berlanti Film”? It’s going to be God’s Not Dead 3, isn’t it?

Box Office Mojo has the full details on this beastly weekend.

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