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Alleged R. Kelly Captive Posts Video Asking Her Father to “Stop Embarrassing Her”

In case you missed it, Buzzfeed recently released an investigative article about how singer R. Kelly is allegedly running a cult, and keeping young woman hostage.

Among the alleged captive women is one named Jocelyn Savage, whose father Tim posted a video yesterday daring the singer to sue him.

Jocelyn responded to that video yesterday as well, and wasn’t happy with what her father had to say.

She says, “I would like to direct this message to my family, but especially my dad. Dad, you know everything that’s going on with the media and the internet, and what you have done is a complete disaster, and you need to stop. Because right now, I am fed up with everything you are doing. You are embarrassing me and the whole entire family. I am happy where I’m at and the people that I’m around. It’s getting out of hand, seriously. Because honestly, you know the situation that had happened that night when I went to meet R. Kelly. So I would like for you…matter of fact, I would love for you to stop what you’re doing, because I can’t believe you even went this far. I love you to death, but I need you to understand me. Please stop what you’re doing. Please.”

R. Kelly has of course denied the allegations, and has been staying positive on social media.

Stay tuned for more updates on the situation involving R. Kelly. You can watch the video of Savage’s statement up above, or right here.

[via Complex]

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