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Amazon Coming in Clutch with Announcement of Possible Chipotle Delivery

I mean, extra guac is practically a delivery charge...

Amazon is making friends with EVERYONE and I’m definitely here for it. Over the summer, Amazon get chummy with Whole Foods and began selling lower priced organic goods. There is currently a bidding war among cities who want to house Amazon’s new headquarters. Now, Amazon has announced a partnership with Olo.

Olo is a delivery service based in New York that allows customers to receive delivery from over 200 restaurants.

Various chains such as Chipotle, Five Guys, and even Shake Shack could be on the list for the partnership between Olo and Amazon. Since Olo is an online system, they have recently launched Rails, a new product that aids delivery for Amazon.

The deal is still in the works, so there is no definite date for when this would start, or which rules would apply. But once it happens, there will be a collective sigh heard around the nation.

Well, maybe in major cities first.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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