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Amazon Household is a New Feature That Allows Teens to Shop More Freely

Amazon, the world’s biggest online store, has created a new US-only feature, Amazon Household. The plan allows parents to add up to four teens (aimed at kids ages 13 to 17) to their account. For free.

The company’s condition, which states children under the age of 18 can only use their services under parental supervision, opened the doors for teens to access their parents’ log-in information and credit card numbers. Amazon Household makes the payment method and shipping address private. While teens now have the luxury to shop on the Amazon application, parents will receive an email or text detailing their teens’ purchases. The teens have the ability to add a note such as, “I need this book for school.” Parents have the option to approve or decline any order.

By creating these separate Amazon log-ins for their teens, parents can now “monitor” the account activities. They can even establish a limit for weekly and monthly spending. Furthermore, Amazon Prime members can share their prime benefits with their teens’ accounts, and any non-Prime shoppers can use the service.

Amazon Households’ vice president, Michael Carr, stated in an interview, “With this program, teenagers will have that independence and parents will have the control that they need.”

The company, with its new benefits such as Amazon Prime Music and college pickup locations, are hoping to engage new generations of customers to its e-commerce site. Though they need not worry – I imagine it has and will continue to do so.

[via Cnet]

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