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Amazon is Calling Back a Bunch of Their AmazonBasics Power Bank Devices Due to Fire Issues

Amazon is recalling six of their AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank models with help from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The recall is due to the power banks potential of overheating. This can make the model melt, causing a fire hazard.

The models that have 16,100mAh, 10,000mAh, 5,600mAh, 3,000mAh, or 2,000mAh and a mini USB cable are being taken back. Also models with a 3,000mAh which have a mini USB cable are being recalled too. All of these models were sold from December, 2014 to July, 2014.

Amazon is in the process of issuing out emails to customers who bought the power banks and are urging them to not use the device anymore. A URL is given in the email for buyers of the models to register their power bank to get information about returns and getting their money back.

Amazon has taken down the models from their website and they are not for sell at all anymore.

[via The Verge]

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