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Amazon Launches in the Outback After Minor Setback


Amazon has finally launched in Australia after facing a small challenge to do so last week.

Though initial reports stated Amazon would be at an advantage to local companies due to pricing, so far Amazon hasn’t quite impressed anyone in this regard.

The Amazon homepage, features a pair of Sennheiser HD 4.50 wireless headphones for A$249, yet you can purchase them at A$237 at Harvey Norman. This should come as no surprise as the chairman, much like other Australian retailers, has been pretty vocal against Amazon.

GoPro HERO6 sells for A$679, which can be found from a grey market version at A$600.

Users are also finding that sellers are listing products for higher prices on Amazon. For example, the Braun shaver costs $214.69 on Amazon, yet the same product is available at Bing Lee for a mere A$149.

Electronics is where matters begin to differ, as Amazon gets at least somewhat competitive.

The Xbox One S Minecraft edition console is set at A$319 on Amazon in comparison to JB Hi-Fi’s pricing of A$359, and Lego’s BB-8 play set is A$99.97 on Amazon in comparison to Target Australia’s price at $119.20.

Being that its only been a week we’ll give Amazon a little time to do their homework and get those prices adjusted for the good people of Australia.

[via Mashable]

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