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AmazonFresh Has Gotten Stale Reviews

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AmazonFresh is the internet giant’s grocery service that offers delivery and pickup and is competing with other grocery services from chains like Walmart.

Amazon has been stepping all over smaller companies and venturing into every business. The poor reviews of AmazonFresh are not what the retailer was expecting, but the truth hurts.

Reviews range from “”Good until recently” to “A failed experiment,” and most are not positive. “We continue listening to all feedback in order to bring customers the best possible experience when shopping AmazonFresh,” an Amazon spokesperson said in an email.

On Amazon’s review system, AmazonFresh has received 3.3 out of 5 stars which falls between “It’s okay” and “I like it.”

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Although 29% of the reviews are for 5 stars, 28% have 1 star. One reviewer praised the service and said, “No fighting crowds / Just fresh food delivered while I slept! Now I can enjoy my Saturday doing the things I enjoy!” Another commented on the tech: “Being able to search my past orders with ease is a plus. Whoever created the website design knows what’s up and should receive an award because they made online ordering really easy, user friendly and even fun.”

Since buying Whole Foods, Amazon has dabbled into the grocery sector of retail. But online grocery shopping is still not something that most people are willing to do, and most people aren’t used to it. A Gallup poll said 84% of people have never done grocery shopping online, and the ones who did did it less than once or twice a month. “Most shoppers whose families purchase groceries online once or twice a month or more say they still visit a store to buy groceries at least once a week,” Gallup wrote.

Barclays analysts reported: “The 10-year history of testing and iterating with groceries at Amazon without meaningful progress suggests that 1) is a much tougher category to crack than other categories … or 2) the consumer in certain markets just isn’t ready to purchase groceries online.” The analysts that Amazon could make do with their use of automation by cutting prices and increasing the appeal of Fresh.

AmazonFresh requires Prime membership and live in the cities that Amazon offers it’s service to. Fresh requires a subscription of $15 a month, and there is a $10 delivery fee on orders under $50.

Since Fresh is not seeing as much profit as Amazon had hoped, some services in major cities in states like New York, California, and New Jersey have been shut down. Amazon did not give customers in the cities any reason for stopping the service; they just cited “changes in our service area.”

One customer who gave a one-star review said the poor service was because it was “not ready for prime time.” After all the fees, the customer paid around $20 for a dozen bagels.

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Another reviewer said they dealt with “groceries arriving damaged, poor packing, [and] late orders,” but could not stand to pay double for an item than it would be in a grocery store because of a recent increase in prices.

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